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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

Welcome one and all to Fallout: The Apprentice 2012. In this game eight members of the wiki community to competed in a series of challenges, that will result in one of them walking away with the "Fallout Apprentice" crown.

In each challenge our judges ranked the contestants entries, and you the people will eliminated one... now we're left with just 2.

Lets meet the contestants

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The Old World Relics
Talk page
Crimson Frankie
Talk Page

But why just Gawk at at the pretty pictures? We have prior contestants Denis517, Dead Gunner, Dragonborn96, Doc Incognito, along with Lizzunchbox (George from Wikia), Garoux Bloodline (Leon), and myself in the Radio City Nuclear Shelter talking about the series in our Special Fallout: The Apprentice Gala.

The Challenge

This challenge combines parts of every challenge to date.  You are to take the lead on a fictitious Fallout 4 project.

Much like the DLC challenges we're not expecting you to list every possible detail, you will have a team to sort out the full details, however your proposal should touch the following bases:

  • You must detail the main quest line.  This doesn't have to be every single objective, but should be detailed enough that we can follow the full story.
  • You must feature at least one town to a similar level that you did in the town challenge.  The others you can give less detail on, but it may help your entry if you choose to feature the jewel in the crown.
  • You must feature at least one dungeon to a similar level that you did in the town challenge.  If your "ending" area classifies as a dungeon as per that challenges' rules, you may use this area at your discretion..
  • You must introduce to us a new, novel, game feature.  This could be something as complicated such as VATS, or something as simple as the companion wheel.
  • You should include an element from some previous challenge.  Doesn't have to be the whole challenge, just a nod is necessary.  It doesn't have to be from your own entries, but can if you choose.

The Entries

Old World Relics takes you to - New York City

And a double page from Frankie Frankie takes you to Oklahoma, Texas and New New Mexico

There's also a supporting page for Frankies' main questiline


Sadly not everyone could be at the Gala... We have Telegrams from Former Contestant The Ever Ruler, Judge Jspoel, and our Home Contest Viewer Winner

Jspoel - Judging the Apprentice

Old World Relics

Think it's good the story is a bit farther ahead in time, in a setting that gives a lot of possiblities. Easy to read. Could have used a game infobox. Interesting plot and start of the game with finding info on a friendly group asking them for help. Adding destructable world objects could really be something for a next Fallout. Adding in choices, especially in deciding which faction to suppport, is a must and you did that. As you go along you meet new factions and have given them an own character. Added new creatures and items, which in my opinion should be of plenty in a real new game. Good final in the various ways of dealing with the Brotherhood. Well done!

Crimson Frankie

You start of well with the game infobox data and adding new features like drivable vehicles and new creatures. No longer having to go on foot does make it possible to explore a larger area then the FO3/FNV area one, with more options to visit interesting places like large cities. And you thought of well a story with the diverted nukes as to explain the radiated Oklahoma area. You create a lot of storylines with many factions. Adding highways could be something for a next game and well spent effort on the images/map. Bit too much info on the smaller cities and other geographics I think. The pimp-pad is a very nice thought of gadget, together with the new hardcore system. And then a seperate quest line page with some amazing content/quotes/detail. I'm impressed by your effort, again!


Both of the contestants have done an excellent job. Shame only one can win. I'd like to give OWR my nr. 1 rating, especially because of his age and then to present us with this, which is pretty amazing. But what I see from Frankie, he could be in Bethesda's story-writer's team, with such detail to the story and quests. So Frankie edges it as the nr. 1 for me, with a very honorably nr. 2 position for OWR.

The Ever Ruler - contestant

Well C, the final entries were both nice. I don't mean to toot my own horn here, especially considering my low placement in the leader boards of this challenge, but when I started out writing up my Fallout idea for the SNM all those months ago, I didn't have the full picture that I have today. (Hell, I still don't.)

Either way, their editing skills and creativity showed through with their willingness and ability to either find pictures or come up with them and that is something that can be held over my head in this criticism.

As far as story goes I'm actually kinda disappointed at the lack of detail but again, this stuff takes awhile to flesh out. I have the utmost confidence that if they both keep working on this long after it's over their ideas will be grandiose among pettiness.

If there was any challenge I enjoyed doing the most, it was probably the one where I made a town or the location as both are pivotal developments in a good story as well as fun to visualize.

If there was any challenge I would've wished to have been able to participate in it would be the last one! I have a total of 4 blogs describing another Fallout in extreme detail. Five if you count the FEV fanon blog and many more if you count the ones still in my head, which I don't expect you to.

But as my efforts have shown, I could not even keep up with the challenge set before me let alone the competition and for that I do not deserve to be praised as much as our final two contestants.

May the best smoothskin win and may I die a death that doesn't involve me going feral. --The Ever Ruler (talk)

Home Viewer Winner - Paladin 117

I sent a few questions to our Home Viewer Winner Paladin 117 - For his entry The Celestial Order

Unlike some of my ideas, the Celestial Order was not an idea that just came to me out of nowhere. It actually first started when I read how multiple people wanted magic added to the next Fallout. While at first I hated the idea, it got me thinking about the psykers that have appeared throughout the series and made me wonder what a Fallout game would be like if the main character was one of them. It was through that thinking that I later came up with the idea of Riza, a psychic companion, and as I thought of her, her family, various relationships, it eventually developed in to the Celestial Order.

If there’s one challenge I wish I could have done, it would be Challenge 5, to create a post ending DLC. I had a small idea for an independent quest line involving tunnelers appearing in every major town and attacking, all of the Securitrons suddenly going berserk and attacking people, forcing Yes Man to shut down the whole network (including himself), and the NCR attacking out of nowhere, with captured soldiers claiming that they're attacking because Securitrons invading and attacking the Hub. It would eventually come clear that all these acts are not a coincidence, but it's unknown who could possibly be causing them.

I like both of the final entries, honestly. Old World Relic’s New York City idea of starting out as a random scavenger in New Jersey that suddenly wakes up in New York without a clue sounds interesting and the new Brotherhood being antagonists is a bit of a twist, plus I always thought NYC could be a good location. Crimson Frankie’s idea on the other hand seems more detailed and I like the use of motorcycles and the new hardcore ideas, although charging the Pip-Palm every couple days may be a pain.

As for who would win, I'm not exactly sure. While I think it may be close race, I have a feeling Crimson Frankie might be the winner.

What the Challengers say


First of all, I’d like to say that it’s been an honour to compete in Fallout: The Apprentice; there’s a lot I've learnt from it, and it’s a pleasure to compete against such a creative guy as Relics. I have many things to talk about concerning his entry. Relics himself suggested that we critiqued each other’s entries, and I think it’s actually a very good idea. Obviously (like in all critiques), I have good and bad points to bring up, but all of them of constructive nature, and with the intention of adding, rather than simply deconstructing his work. I’ll start with the cons, so we can get them out of the way already. ;-)

  • The player-character should have had a name;
  • The questline sounded a bit of a linear one, as it kind of guided you through the alleys and streets of the game many an occasion, rather than inciting you to make your own way through a larger option of paths. That’s why I think it’s important to have a wasteland. A part that expresses this would be when you say “You decide it's time to bed down for the night”, as if that was a standard happening in the game and the player has no choice concerning the matter, when you usually don’t have that kind of feature in Fallout (or many RPGs, for that matter);
  • I loved the Central Triangle as the trading hub of NY, but I think that the down point was that many conflicting groups were found there, which would have made its socio-political order up to the game’s time very much devastated by local wars and whatnot (its context seems even more confictful than in Freeside XD) . I think you could have even exploited that a little bit;
  • A couple of factions seemed a bit displaced there. Although I loved the creation of brand new ones (like ACR, whose conception seemed very interesting), others such as the Followers of the Apocalypse – whose coming remained unexplained – and Super Mutants – to whose appearance the explanation was simply “for old time’s sake” and “theirs detail some minor background story of the Capital Wasteland” – might be deemed a little displaced;
  • Vaults were built by Vault-Tec all around the US, and are among the most remarkable trademarks in Fallout. Where are they in the Big Apple?
  • Loved the idea that Jersey is the “refugee camp of post-apocalyptic NY”. That brings up a myriad of sociological nuances that place NY and NJ as opposing sides of the “Cruel/hopeful” reality of mankind. Very nice!
  • I loved how you truly delved into the geography of the city, naming places and specifying locations that actually exist. That gives the player more familiarity and more to have fun from as they face the reality that one day their city may become;
  • Although I think that BoS should be long gone XD, I do think that your BoS felt very nice, with that dark, reckless aura about their demeanour;
  • I like the way the civil war breaks out in the city, from a progressive chain of happenings that explain themselves as you describe each participant in the city’s history and social scenario;
  • I absolutely loved the plot twist with the man that got startled at the sight of the pip-boy wrapped around your wrist was actually the player’s character. That’s a creative piece of dramatic turn right there!
  • I personally liked a lot the Central Traders. The made me reflect upon the communal intricacies that could flesh out from a union of merchants (or of any other working class, to be honest). Fallout is a game made to generate critical insights in us as to how humanity would bear the horrors of post-apocalypse, and how the so-called order of our civilisational nature would stand the test of time and blood. Bringing up a human “sketch” of formal organisation (very similar to the Hub) was spot-on. Congrats.
  • I liked the ironic symbolism of a BoS Chapter using the Statue of Liberty as their HQ;
  • The Swines Club seems to be a great place to chill out a little bit;
  • The Hammerlock’s Exotic Animals would be a very good idea to finally have random animals as “companions” throughout the player’s journey in a Fallout game. Good job!
  • The new features, especially the destructible environment and the hawk, are awesome! Great work thinking of them! ;-)
  • Thanks for naming that scavenger after me! :-D
Well, that’s it. I hope that my critique help you enrich some of the already well-done features of your entry. You did a great job, Nate, and I’m sure you have that creative touch inside you that you can develop even more throughout your life.

--C'n-Frankie -ArroyoTalk 11:46, October 31, 2012 (UTC)


First off, I'd like to start by saying, Frankie, it has been an honour playing this contest with you, and each of the other talented contestants that have played this game with us. It really has been something I won't soon forget. But, like everything, it's end has come. Anyways, to your outstanding finale entry Frankie. Overall, again you have given us a great story and a tremendous amount of detail and I commend you for that. I'll but, since this is a critique there are still a few points I'd like to raise so I'll do Pros and Cons also.

  • I feel that a little more detail could have been put into your "dungeon" including maybe a infobox and a few clearer notes about the location it self.
  • I love the more hardcore mode, yet, as someone who honestly isn't the best Fallout player and gets tired of too much realism in games (Eh? Isn't that why we play Video games, to get away from real life) I feel it could get a little much for some. Aha but I guess that's why it's optional ;)
  • I feel that maybe you could have spotlighted a few cities in more detail to really give us a feeling of what each city really held.
Pros - I can say it was much easier thinking of Pros then Cons
  • The amount of detail you put into some of the images - especially for your new Factions - is mind blowingly amazing. Great job on those Frankie!!
  • I love the number of possible end game solutions this time around. By adding more it allows for each game play-thought to be something new every-time and lets the player play how they want.
  • The amount of detail put into you main quest line is great. It's a series of quests I'd love to play any day. Nice job.
  • Your new features such as the Pip-Palm, return of vehicles and extreme hardcore mode are great and I'm sure would attrach many different kinds of players to the game.
  • And of course, you names a character after me! Thanks for that =)
Overall Frankie, you have put together one hell of an amazing entry and I look forward to seeing the Finale winner. I can say, you deserve it just as much as myself, if not more. Again, it's been an honour working with Frankie and I look forward to working with you creatively in the future. Yours Always; -- The Old World Relics (talk) 20:45, November 2, 2012 (UTC)

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