Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

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What if you could... Make the game?

Welcome one and all to the Fallout: The apprentice contest for 2012. In this game we've invited some of the wiki community to compete in a series of challenges, that will result in one of them walking away with the "Fallout Apprentice" crown.

These challenges are based around adding new content to the games that you all know and love, and not only can you decide which is your favorite, but your vote is crucial in determining who will be fired, and who will be our apprentice.

Lets meet the Contestants

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Doc Incognito
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'Crimson Frankie
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How does this work

Each week our judges will comment and critique the entries and rank them in their favorite order. In the earlier rounds, the Judges favorite will win a qualified immunity from elimination in the next round. The bottom ranked 2 or 3 will head to a popular vote, where one candidate will be eliminated - by you!

This Weeks challenge

Role playing games are known for their "Dungeons", and not only delivers, but has offered some amazing yet unique "Dungeons" that have succeeded in telling both a story and offering a combat experience: The Glow, the Sierra Army Depot, and the vaults have each delivered on both of these points, whilst breaking away from the typical "go and slay the orcs and goblins" clique.

Your goal in this challenge is to create a new dungeon for Fallout 2. It should offer an experience that is unlike any dungeon currently in the game. You can use concepts similar to that used in other games, but must put a new spin on the concept.

Your dungeon can be combat focused (like Mariposa), Puzzle based (like the subsurface areas of Sierra Army Depot or the Glow), a focus that depends on players actions (Vault 15 in Fallout 2), a combination of the above, or anything else you can imagine. It should not be a settlement or town, and should have limited - if any - trading opportunities.

You may wish to include the locations backstory, quests that lead or must be completed at the location, a unique foe or personality, a map, or anything else you feel your idea needs to make it stand out as the most deserving of victory.

Your entry may take any form you wish. You may wish to put this in the standard wiki format, tell it in the narrative, or any other way that will convince us that your idea is the best.

In the Boardroom

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Agent c
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Play at home

We have a Play at home version that anyone (including our main contenders) can enter. Each week we're going to feature up to 3 entries, and in the final round we'll let you decide which is the winner. There may even be something special for the winner. We'll announce the Play at home challenge when we open the first vote.

So, when do we start voting?

We'll close off entries next week, and have a voting blog ready for you by Friday next week. Meanwhile stay tuned to the recent changes page and you just might find a sneak preview of one of the contestants entries....