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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

Welcome one and all to round four of Fallout: The Apprentice 2012. In this game eight members of the wiki community to compete in a series of challenges, that will result in one of them walking away with the "Fallout Apprentice" crown.

Each week our judges will rank the contestants entries, and you the people will eliminate one, until we're left with just one Fallout Apprentice!

Last week - Yes Man won his second limited Immunity in a row and we opened our second Home Viewer Poll

Lets meet the remaining Contestants

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The Old World Relics
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Crimson Frankie
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This Weeks' Challenge

Challenge 5 - Broken Endings

Post ending gameplay was out of the game plan for F:NV early on. In this challenge you'll be asked to pitch a concept for a post ending DLC… well, part of a DLC at least.

The amount of endings however do not support an easy DLC option, Either Caesar is repelled at Hoover dam, or he is not. Either the NCR keeps the Dam, or they do not - if they do not either House or You, through Yes Man, have control.

For this challenge, you should select an ending, and give us a quest line that like broken steel pushes the advance onward to its final solution. If the legion were repelled, this should end the threat of the legion for the foreseeable future; if the NCR were repelled then this should have a similar effect. If you select the House, or Yes Man options, you may select either of these options.

Like last time, you are not expected to design the whole DLC (Thats the finale!) You should focus on the main quest line for this DLC. You may mention towns and personalities, and may wish to flesh them out, however you should not let this overtake the main focus of this challenge. Alternatively you may want your DLC not to have a new specific location and instead use existing locations in the Mojavie, in which case you should outline the major changes that takes place to these locations.


Judges Comments


First, I want to say that all three of these submissions are remarkable works, and that all three could easily serve as the foundation for an aftergame DLC. Very impressive' even if it made deciding a winner very difficult.

Old World Relics

I really like how this after game extends the legend of The Courier in a way that feels almost mythological. The progression of missions are very tightly focused on this, and while I initially thought this might be too narrow, the more I thought about it the more I liked it.

The Long Death to Caesar segment is a perfect after game sequence becaus rof the characters involved. It also feels like a fairly vigorous sequence of gameplay. All three sections do in fact. I could imagine that,matter you've finished thtis, you might think to yourself, "Wow. I really accomplished something there."

I would have liked to have seen a few more possible endings here, but all around great job. I liked the game world changes, but found myself wishing for at least one eh rower-raiser here.


I like the emphasis on mopping things up and consolidating Legion control - that feels like perfect fodder for an aftergame.

Even if it does feel a little more linear and limited than the other two submissions, it's a perfectly logical sequence of gameplay, which I like. Good thought given to the gameplay and faction changes.

I do wish there was more of a meta aspect to this aftergame add-on - it would create more intrigue and tension, and therefore more interest in gamers.

Crimson Frankie

Wow, there's an impressive amount of material here.

I LOVE the subtext here - that The Courier's actions at the end of F:NV somehow destabilized the region and created a violent anarchy of sorts. That's very creative, and plausible. Events like The Bloody Week in the backstory work well to set the story up.

I also like the idea of The Courier being forced to restore order here. Great progression of missions, with a great ending. Being able to decide who runs things at the end will be a memorable decision.

Old World Relics

I like the clear conditions you've set out in the first section with the 3 main quest lines and the explanation of the new situation in the Mojave Wasteland, and continue from there on. Using Yes Man as quest giver, the player needs to deal with the various factions and you use the player's choice options well, making an interesting story of it. Also well done of the infoboxes/images. Could have used some new locations/characters etc. though, like in the FNV add-ons.


Well written. You decide to go for Caesar as victor and build a couple of quests around that, varying from small to large, taking on the remaining NCR outposts. Spent a good effort with detailing the various settings to gameplay. locations and factions.


You start of well with a beautiful image and also decide to go for Yes Man as quest starter. You've thought well about your story, with a background giving most factions involvement into the story. You added a some new factions, something I missed with the other two entries. Good questline and original layout of the endings with the quotes. Could have made a bit more use of images.

Agent C

Wow guys..... Just Wow!

Old World Relics

Love the level of detail you've given and the pictures you've selected to highlight your quest chain. A shame you only included a single ending slide though. Interesting piece of wiki commentary in the Saint Pain Ridge reference. Also good to see the chart we're updating quests to use on one of your quests, again a bit of a shame that it wasn't used on the others as well.

A very solid ending, and worthy follow on to F:NV. Very good


Firstly a bit of a bugbear, I wouldn't have mentioned that you're skipping what happens if Caesar had died from his tumor, as it can make the entry seem incomplete. I would have instead just said that the Legate takes the position/name of Caesar and moved on.

Good level of detail in the quest points, I did like Boone's appearance in the game, very true to the character.

In the changes to the area there's a lot of quest areas being shut down by the changes, would have been nice to see an opening or two for new side quests with a new faction, or newly empowered faction.

But still very Good.

Crimson Frankie

As an fan of the classics, I'm rather happy to see Marcus take the lead here. A little confused why the courier's been away for 5 years though.

You've put a lot of detail into your changes, which is good, and a reference to one of your earlier entries was very welcome. Good to see some old factions renpowered and lots of new potential hooks to work from. Good to see Arcade take the lead with the followers, even if he is perhaps a bit out of his depth. Good to see 3 unique endings.

The Rankings

This week is an important week to win - The winner goes straight to the Final, whilst the remaining two battle it out for the other place. In the event of a popular vote tie, the entry the judges have ranked higher will proceed.

At this point, the difference between first and third can be very little. Maybe just one tiny thing someone did slightly better, so the ranking itself shouldn't be taken as a criticism of the entry itself - its just we do have to put them in some order. They are all amazing.

So, suspense adequately built, here are the rankings.

  1. Crimson Frankie
  2. Old World Relics
  3. Dragonborn96

Its time to vote

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Next Week....

We'll both eliminate our last contestants, and give you a sneak peak at the finale challenge.... And believe me its a big one. So big we'll be giving our competitors more time to finnish it. Agent c (talk) 15:01, October 9, 2012 (UTC)