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Welcome back to Fallout: The Apprentice. In this edition we're going to reveal the reveal the contestant's entries for round 2, and let you vote to eliminate one of our candidates.

Sorry about the delay folks... E3 seriously hit a couple of our judges... But we are joined this time around by Mr Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment.

We've also had some pullouts, so only 4 are left in the game. However, someone will be leaving following your vote.

Challenge 3 - All Clear Signal
Challenge 3 - All Clear Signal

Challenge 3, by tradition is our "Renovation" Challenge, where we take something from the existing games, and ask you to give it a new spin.

A common thing that bugs fans of Fallout 3 in particular in New Vegas was the inability to "meet" Mr New Vegas… Well now is your chance to give the west's favourite DJ some screen time as well as some airtime.

Here are the guidelines for this challenge:

  • Remember that your content is being added during the creation of New Vegas - not after the game has released - as such there are a few things you can change, and play about with
    • Although "outside of game" its set in Canon that Mr New Vegas is an AI… You will not be held to this - as you're doing this content the game is still being made, changing that isn't an issue. You can make him an AI, a person, or anything else you like.
    • You can change up the playlist a bit, and/or add content to the radio if it works in with your renovation
    • The general feel however of the station, and his personality should remain intact.
    • Wayne Newton is already contracted at this point, so you cannot change the voice artist.
  • You will need to add a location to meet Mr New Vegas at. This could be a new location, a repurposed/renovated existing location, or an extension of an existing location
  • You will need to add some sort of content to make Mr New Vegas of interest to the player. This could be a new quest line, or the extension/modification of an existing one.
  • You can include as much new content as you feel you need to to that your renovation is the best one, and you can modify existing content to include your new content. However, you should avoid contradicting existing quest lines and characters

There are no other restrictions.

Remaining Contestants
Returning Contestants
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Dead Gunner
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Talk page
New Contestants
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Talk Page
(Formerly GhoulLover666)

The Entries

On Different Wavelengths

On Different Wavelengths is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthrough

Side quest: On Different Wavelengths
Find the location of Mojave Music Radio.
Decide which radio station to side with.
Either resolve Mr New Vegas and Mr White's issues, kill one of them, or kill both.
Reward: 500 XP, A new perk, depending on your choice, Variable caps

Detailed walkthrough

Upon meeting Mr New Vegas, he will speak to you in a calm and charismatic manner. After exhausting all of his lines of dialogue, he will gain an extra line, asking him about Mojave Music Radio, and his opinion on it. He says he isn't very fond of the radio station, and asks if you could do him a favor. He asks if you could find Mojave Music Radio, where the station is coming from, and deal with it. Promptly, he will reward you with caps and some knowledge he has. He then gives you a sound-wave tracker and tells you to find it and deal with it, once and for all, sounding quite serious, more cold than usual, too.

Upon using the tracker, you discover that Mojave Music Radio is being broadcasted from Searchlight Airport. You then head there to figure out who is broadcasting it. Upon entry, you are greeted by feral ghouls, who you must defeat to get to the top of the building where it is being broadcasted. You suddenly see a ghoul in a fancy suit, named Mr. White. He shows interest that someone has finally got to him.

When you waste all his conversation lines, you gain yet another one, telling you that he used to be a radio host in pre-War Vegas, and Mr. New Vegas got immortality instead of him, but Mr. White wants to put Mr. New Vegas in his place, and makes a counter-offer.

He gives you a radio jammer, and tells you to jam Radio New Vegas rather than his station. This radio station will then be temporarily malfunctioning until the quest is finished.

Upon choosing which station to jam, either Radio New Vegas or Mojave Music Radio, Mr. White will then head to Radio New Vegas, prepared to deal with Wayne, once and for all. They will begin having a very serious chat, with Wayne aware of who Mr. White once was.

From here, you have four options.
1: You can kill Mr. New Vegas, and gain the perk Old Dogs from Mr. White, which allows you to use melee with ranged weapons, smacking people with the weapon, using less points in VATS.
2: You can kill Mr. White and gain the perk V.I.P from Mr. New Vegas, in which people with substantially lower levels will no longer try to attack you, and can be subdued to be temporary companions.
3: You can kill both and gain the perk Immortality?, which allows you to use an attack every day that uses all of your Action Points, but kills the target in one hit.
4. You can, with 100 Speech, convince both of them to stand down, and gain the perk The Power of Friendship, which gives you +10% extra accuracy and +10% extra damage in VATS when you have companions with you.

After you beat this quest, either Mr. New Vegas will give you 5,000 caps and 500 EXP, or Mr. White will give you that, and you will gain your perk. The surviving radio station(s) will also gain the previously unused song which will be played after the quest: Dear Hearts and Gentle People.

Have you Heard

Whether I want to or not, House's order was clear: Spread the message of his death throughout the Wastes. My only option is to conquer every radio station I can find till the whole nation is my audience: from NCRR to GNR, no where will be safe.


Have You Heard? is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Depending on which main quest arc the player follows, it will either interrupt the Wild Card: Change in Management, For the Republic, Part 2 or Render Unto Caesar quests, but it does not appear in Mr. House's quest arc.

Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: Have You Heard?
Speak with Caesar.
Speak with Moore.
Speak with Yes Man.
Access the Lucky 38's computer.
Use Computer Whiz perk.
Speak with Emily Ortal if you helped her bug Mr. House.
Activate the three Lucky 38 Executive Overrides.
Find and access the RN Bunker.
Convince WaNe to stop this.
Trick WaNe into crashing.
Fight the securitrons.
Convince WaNe you won't hurt it.
Head into the bunker to find WaNe.
Get Victor to help you.
Ignore or delete Victor.
Fight or get around WaNe's securitrons.
Disconnect WaNe from the securitron server.
Shut WaNe down.
Reset WaNe's systems.
Reward: 500 XP
Speak with WaNe about how to report House's death on the radio.
WaNe won't report anything.
WaNe will tell everyone the Courier killed him.
WaNe will lie about House's death.
Reward: 500 XP
Reward: 500 XP
Strip Infamy
NCR Fame
Legion Fame
Reward: 500 XP
Strip Fame

Detailed walkthrough

The quest will start differently depending on which quest arc you are progressing through. However, each is similar in that it starts after dealing with Mr. House and reporting on it.


Upon speaking with Yes Man and installing it into the Lucky 38, Yes Man will initially report everything is running fine. However, Yes Man will quickly report that something wrong, he can't access the server that controls the securitrons. He will be interrupted as the securitrons in the room change their television icons and reveal they are being controlled by Mr. New Vegas.


Upon returning to Hoover Dam and reporting to Colonel Moore, she will complain about the situation at the the Strip. The securitrons are going haywire and are playing Radio New Vegas' broadcast. The embassy has been put on lockdown and she orders you to figure out what's going on. This requires returning to the Lucky 38's penthouse and interacting with Mr. House's, now blank, monitor.

Caesar's Legion

If the Courier reports to Caesar, he will state what's happening on the Strip. There's no way of knowing what they're going to do next and Caesar doesn't want a wild card this close to the battle. The Courier must return to the Lucky 38 and use Mr. House's computer.

Accessing the bunker

Whether talking with Yes Man or using the monitor directly, the location of the Mr. New Vegas will be revealed, but it can't be entered without the right access codes. The access codes are encrypted in House's secure server, and can be gained by one of three methods:

When exiting the Lucky 38, several securitrons will be present, all mimicking Mr. New Vegas as he does his broadcast. With the codes in hand, the Courier must make their way into the central sewers, where the entrance to the RN Bunker is. The closest entrance to the bunker is outside Camp McCarran or by entering the north sewers or east central sewers. Using the terminal will unlock the entrance.

Inside the bunker

Looks like we have a special guest on today: the one and only Courier Six. This event will mark the Courier's first, and last, radio appearance.

Mr. New Vegas

Mr. New Vegas will begin talking about the Courier, as they enter the bunker. Even if Radio New Vegas isn't playing on the player's Pip-Boy, there are loudspeakers playing the station throughout the bunker. Walking through the small entrance hallway will lead into the first room, with three securitrons inside. Mr. New Vegas will speak to the Courier directly through the central securitron, introducing himself as WaNe, an AI.

WaNe doesn't actually want to do any of this, but Mr. House sent a command at the last minute to spread his eulogy throughout the Wasteland. For that reason, WaNe now has to use the securitrons to attack and take over other radio stations, allowing it to spread the news everywhere. WaNe also admits that it has decided it must kill the Courier now, both for its own protection and to complete its orders. There are two routes to take from here.

Non-hostile route

It is possible to convince WaNe to stop this. First, the player must either pass a skill challenge of 50 in either:

  • Speech - convincing WaNe that it can try to gain its freedom
  • Science - realizing that the "order" House sent to WaNe is actually an error, and that he must have had a system to prevent this situation
  • Survival - stating there is no way WaNe can "conquer" America's radio stations with this small number of securitrons, a fact WaNe admits it already knew

Succeeding in one of these will result in WaNe admitting there is a stored backup of itself and a system restore should get rid of the order and return WaNe to normal. However, WaNe still does not trust the Courier and fears this is a trick so the Courier can delete it. The Courier must convince it otherwise by either passing a Speech check of 80, a Barter check of 70, or by reminding WaNe of a "good deed" that was previously accomplished, deeds that would convince WaNe the Courier isn't cruel. Good deeds include:

If the Courier successfully convinces WaNe, it will set all the securitrons in the bunker non-hostile and the quest will update to head directly to WaNe's servers.

Hostile route

If the player fails, or doesn't wish, to convince WaNe to stop, the securitrons in the room will turn hostile and will have to be destroyed to move on. It is also possible, if the Courier has an Intelligence of 6 or higher, to say a paradox to WaNe, WaNe will think about the paradox until its systems crash. While only temporary, the crash causes the securitrons in this room to return to normal and won't be hostile. However, WaNe will recover later and the securitrons in the rest of the bunker will still be hostile.

Continuing into the bunker, the Courier will enter a server room and be sealed inside by WaNe. While at first the quest marker suggests this is WaNe's servers, upon interaction, the player will find it's actually a backup server for Victor. Activating it will result in Victor speaking with the player through the computer, questioning what's happening and realizing it must have crash because of House's demise.

To Victor's surprise, considering the Courier got rid of House, Victor is willing to help deal with WaNe, however, Victor can't access the securitron network, the same way Yes Man can't. Conveniently, there is an offline securitron in a maintenance port in the room, so Victor asks to be manually transferred to it. The player can choose to do as Victor asks, resulting in getting a short term securitron companion, can choose to continue on without Victor's aid, or can even choose to delete Victor entirely, if they feel the need.

After interacting with Victor, a nearby screen will activate. If Yes Man has been installed in the Lucky 38, it will first be him on the screen. Yes Man will state he has found deactivation codes for WaNe and begins relaying them to the player, he's interrupted by WaNe however, who orders Yes Man to cease communicating with the bunker. Yes Man, of course, complies immediately and disappears. Afterwards, or if Yes Man was not installed, WaNe will appear on the screen and complain about the player's actions, but ultimately opens the door further in the bunker.

In the following room, two securitrons wait, the player can engage them in fighting or choose to run past them. This leads to a T-intersection, with WaNe's server room in the room to the right. However, upon approaching the entrance, the door will close and the door on the opposite side will open, revealing 6 securitrons on the other side. The securitrons will immediately open fire and leave no way of fleeing. The player can choose to fight them, but there is another option. Next to the door for WaNe's room, is a device for WaNe's connection to the securitron network, dismantling it (Repair of 30) or destroying it will result in the securitrons returning to normal and becoming non-hostile. If Victor is present, he will notice the device as well and destroy it himself.

Dealing with WaNe

If the non-hostile route was followed, WaNe will allow the player in its server room without problem. Otherwise, the player must either destroy its securitrons or manually disconnect it from the network. At which point, WaNe will decide to just end this now and unlock the door to its server. The player must interact with the server's terminal and disconnect WaNe from the securitron network, if it wasn't disconnected already.

Now the player must choose whether to reset WaNe, returning it to a state before House went offline and letting WaNe return to just a normal radio host, or to shut down WaNe altogether. Shutting WaNe down will still allow Radio New Vegas to play, however there will be no narrations or audio, just the songs playing continuously. If WaNe is reset instead, it will report that its systems seem fine now and realizes, with some disdain, that the Courier is now its boss, since the player now holds its off switch.

If reset, WaNe will ask how the player wishes to report the news of what happened to Mr. House. The player can choose not to report anything at all, resulting in Mr. New Vegas acting like nothing happened. The player could also tell WaNe to give the full report of the Mr. House's fate, which results in an increase of reputation with the NCR and Legion fame, but a decrease in reputation with the Strip. Finally, the player can tell WaNe to lie about Mr. House, resulting in Mr. New Vegas blaming the incident on a technical error, and resulting in an increase in Strip reputation.

Afterwards, the player must leave the bunker and report back to whomever gave the Courier this quest. Conveniently, it turns out the Lucky 38's elevator is connected to the bunker. Alternatively, if siding with Yes Man, Yes Man will take control of a securitron and speak with the player before they leave the entrance, telling them he found out what the platinum chip does and wishes to demonstrate the upgraded securitrons.

Quest stages

10 Activate the Lucky 38 Executive Overrides
15 (Optional) Find Emily Ortal
20 Stop Mr. New Vegas
30 Shut WaNe down
40 Reset WaNe or shut him down
50Quest finishedIcon checkExit the bunker


  • If the player makes a mistake or changes their mind with which option to choose (shutting down or resetting WaNe, what story to tell), it is possible for the player to choose a different option, as long as they do so before leaving the bunker. Interacting with the terminal will give the option of shutting down or powering up WaNe, while dialogue can be used to change which story WaNe tells. Upon leaving the bunker, the player will receive whichever reward was chosen.
  • While not part of the quest if the player takes the non-hostile route, it is still possible to bring Victor back or delete him. However, his dialogue will be slightly different since the situation with WaNe is over.
  • If brought back, Victor will decide after the quest to stay in the bunker for a while. Unsure about his programming now that House is gone, Victor wishes to be alone for a while to think things out.
  • It's still possible to shut WaNe down in the non-hostile route of the quest, despite promising not to. As a result, upon next interacting with WaNe's terminal, the player will find the terminal's message replaced with "Jerk.".
  • If the player started out doing Mr. House's quest arc, then later switched to another, this quest may be much more difficult, as the securitrons in the bunker may be upgraded to Mk II. However, it is possible to skip the first part of the quest this way, as Mr. House may have previously unlocked the bunker's main entrance.

Behind the scenes

  • Have You Heard? is the name of a popular song published in 1952.
  • If one takes the hostile route, while speaking with WaNe in Victor's server room, WaNe will complain about "a lack of deadly neurotoxin" to kill the Courier with. This is a reference to GLaDOS from the video game Portal, who tries to use deadly neurotoxin to kill the player in the final fight.
Perk wild wastelandThe following is based on the Wild Wasteland trait and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • If the player tells WaNe to lie about Mr. House's death and has the Wild Wasteland trait, Mr. New Vegas will blame the mistake on "Veronica messing with the teleprompter again." This is a reference to the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, where Veronica alters the teleprompter to trick Ron Burgundy into cursing while on the air.
Perk wild wastelandEnd of information based on the Wild Wasteland trait.
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I'm so Blue
50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
This page is a part of the Fallout: The Apprentice contest. It should not be confused with in game content.

I’m so blue is a Fallout New Vegas side quest. Mr. Las Vegas, the former radio host of Radio New Vegas, is trying to get back his post and earn the love of the Mojave again.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: I’m so blue
Something happened to Mr. New Vegas. Learn about his whereabouts by talking to Mr. House/Yes-man.
Mr. New Vegas is located beneath the Yangtze Memorial. Go to the nearby abandoned shack and find the lever to access Mr. New Vegas’ secret bunker.
You encountered Mr. Las Vegas in the shack. He told you about his story and his plan. He asks for your help.
A barrier is blocking the door leading to Mr. New Vegas. Deactivate it by hacking the nearby terminal, rewiring the bunker's generator or throwing a Pulse Grenade to deactivate the barrier emitter.
Talk to Mr. New Vegas.
Mr. New Vegas refuses to give up the job.
Side with Mr. New Vegas and convince Mr. Las Vegas to leave(or kill him).
Side with Mr. Las Vegas and convince Mr. New Vegas to leave(or terminate him).
Convince either one into partnership with his rival.
Kill them both.
Reward: 1200 XP, 1000 caps, Viva Old Vegas.

Quest stages

1 Discover what happened to Mr. New Vegas.
2 Go to Yangtze Memorial.
3 Disable the barrier.
4 Talk to Mr. New Vegas.
5 Convince either Mr. New Vegas or Mr. Las Vegas to leave OR convince them to be partners OR end the quest with a double murder.


  • 1200 experience points.
  • 1000 bottlecaps.
  • Viva Old Vegas, an unique hunting revolver.
    • Gun features: Plays the sound of cards getting spread when drawing it
    • Plays the sound of a slot machine jackpot on a kill
    • 2,2% chance player gets "bust" and take damage


  • If player tells Mr. Las Vegas to give up, he will be found hanging around Lone Wolf Radio and there will be a new radio station available for the player, Radio Old Vegas. Nothing will change at Radio New Vegas, except that Mr. New Vegas will occasionaly make a comment about the event.
  • If the player tells Mr. New Vegas to give up, Mr. Las Vegas will be the new host and will say the same lines as he'd say on Radio Old Vegas, except he won't display hatred toward his nemesis. Instead, he will mock him.Mr. New Vegas will be found hanging around Lone Wolf Radio under the name of Radiobot and there will be a new radio station available for the player, Bot's Radio.
  • If the player convinces both parties to work together, Mr. Las Vegas will be the co-host of Radio New Vegas and will sometime attempt to sabotage his partner's efforts only to meet failure. Mr. New Vegas will accept to work with the ghoul and will deal with his vengeful actions.
  • If Mr. Las Vegas is killed, Mr. New Vegas will be somewhat disappointed to see you resort to violence.
  • If Mr. New Vegas is destroyed, Mr. Las Vegas will be happy to get rid of the "flying tin can".
  • If the player kills them both, Radio New Vegas will no longer be available.
Supplementary pages

The results

Last Time
For this months results, and votes, just click on the tabs above.

A change up in the Judging lineup this time around. Frankie remains with the Judging team, however we're also joined by Mr Chris Avellone, and Leafless from the earlier rounds. Lizzunchbox has been snowed under with work following E3, and I've had to step back for personal reasons. I'll still be MC-ing though.

Sadly as you can see we've lost a number of contestants due to pull outs. Leafless was eliminated from our poll, however following his elimination more contestants pulled out leaving 5th place in disupte.

The judges from the previous rounds have agreed that we'll be moving Leafless into the official 5th position. He did have an entry almost ready for this round, and didn't withdraw, so we feel that this is the most fair solution. This means he will be winning one of the runners up prizes.

Congratulations Leafless, thanks for being a part of this, and for stepping up to judge when we needed you.

Agent C says:

As the MC, I'm the one responsbile for tabulating the votes. The way it works is each judge decides on what order they think the entries should go - we do allow for ties or people holding equal rank.

The contestant at the top of the list gets a number of votes equal to the number ofcontestants that played this round, the next contestant gets this less one,a nd so forth until the bottom placed entry who gets a point.

In the event of a joint rank, then we average the points for the ranks they cover (so if there's a 2 for a joint first, we would give them each 6.5 points as the average between second and first. We then add up all the points, and get a master ranking which you see here. We keep all of that secret to allow us to be weasely.

This Week, the individual rankings only had their variation in common - both first and second place were ranked First, Second and Third by individual judges. Third place was ranked First, Second and Forth by individual judges - meaning there was a whole 1 point between third and first.

Well, without further ado....

Joint 1/2 - Garoux Bloodline and Paladin117
Third - NukaTurtle/GhoulLover666
Forth - Dead Gunner.

As the judges winners, Paladin and Garoux Bloodlin win an extra vote between them (so half a vote each)which will be automatically added to his tally whenever they need it the most. If either up for elimination these votes can sace em; if he never faces this issue, it will count in the final round.

The winner of the popular vote was NukaTurtle/Ghoullover666 who gains the extra vote.

For those of you keeping score, thats +2.5 votes for Paladin, +1 for NukaTurtle and +1 vote for Dead Gunner, with Garoux Bloodline having halve a vote should they need it in the poll.


Nice naming for the rival AI (although I was expecting a more Roman spin), also the reactivity in the radio station change would be quickly and easily apparent as a consequence (this sounds trivial, but getting as much bang for your buck with showcasing consequences is great, and VO logs and radio are one of the best ways to do it).

The pod terminal in Alpha studio bunker felt like it could use some variation in achieving the goal (hacking of terminal), and doing a log journal vs. terminal text can be a hard presentation to the player as log text is much harder to read in long chunks.

The fact that the Alpha and Omega bunkers aren’t really a choice because you need the Alpha key first was something that probably should be reconsidered – you want to give the player choices and options for tackling the quests in any order and give them room to breathe. Also, as a player if I went to one bunker, found it locked and no way to open it, then I’d realize I wasn’t being given a choice at all where to go.

Anytime there’s a “key” or “password” quest, most of the times, it should be able to be circumvented by lockpicking or hacking. Vermiculous reminded me of the Magic card of the same name.

Ravagers look fantastic!

Not a fan of Pontifex running away and locking you in, only because these quests are notoriously hard to script properly in Fallout, and worse, they often require a scripting gimmick (i.e., make X person invulnerable to make sure they can escape) if the context doesn’t isolate you from the target (ex: X is behind a bulletproof window, like some of the cut scenes in the Vault in Fallout 3).

I did like adding more to the base of Hoover Dam – logistically, that area’s hard to add content to because of optimization, but you feel the lack of adventure area there at one of the coolest spots in the world.

Note that dramatically, making the war choice in New Vegas and then suddenly having a new threat arise and a new faction (Pontifex and his androids) has a danger of undermining the drama you’re trying to build with the other factions. This does feel like a great DLC threat, however, and definitely something that could work well after the game was over and areas you’ve already explored start getting “converted” to androids, making new adventure content.

The fact of Wayne Newton as ultimately evolving into a lethal robotic killing machine and luring you into explosive corridors seemed twisted enough for Fallout, although I’d need to see more about the implementation.

The “flash bang” effect for giving Pontifex time to power up is also a little heavy for Fallout cut scene scripting, and sometimes removes agency from the player.

Like the rewards for siding with either one! Having New Vegas as a companion would be amazing (and like the bonuses that Pontifex gives you, although Power Armor felt a little off). Note that restricting what armor players can wear after siding with Pontifex is something that I don’t think a lot of players would respond well to.

While I thought the TinkerBears might be a bit heavy for Wild Wasteland, Dr. Know was nicely done.

I liked the What Bring They’neath the Midnight as a quest that builds on a specific decision to a previous quest (and it’s nice you provided post-content for both, nice reactivity). Liked the reference to skill use for quests (Medicine 60, and I liked the specific callouts to Repair and Science skill use). Liked the domesticated Ravager companion reward (companions are nice rewards, and depending on the level of conversation, they’re not too hard to implement).

For Machina Animus, the “ambush, knock you out, and stun you” might be worth re-examining to find a new hook to enter the area and give the player some empowerment. You could still have an encounter with Seraph, just without robbing the player of agency. I liked the options for escaping the cell (especially the hidden bobby pin, notably having to explore to find it and move physics objects to do so – sound minor, but that’s a good hook for a solution).

Orbital strikes are a great reward, no argument. I did get sad about the END loss for the implant, as I think that would make players hesitate against taking the implant, which is a shame because it’s so cool.

Dead Gunner

This is a much simpler quest, and that’s not a bad thing (especially with regards to scripting), and the sense of choice and agency are there, which is good. Smacking people with weapons in the Old Dogs perk would be a bit hard to implement, but it’s a neat idea. The VIP perk would also be difficult to implement, but again, it would have a cool effect. Didn’t like the Immortality? Perk because it’s a game breaker (esp. against bosses, unless you script it not to work against anything that scales, but then it feels like a rip-off). I was curious to know what specifically would cause both of Vegases to back down, and if there’s something beyond just having a super high Speech skill (knowledge, physical evidence for your argument) that would make it worthwhile. The quest, like the previous entry, is very radio focused, and that feels in keeping with the whole premise of Mr. New Vegas. I liked the unique .22 pistol and the reason for the name.


Bonus points for including the quest stages and the quest tag lines! For simplicity, we’d structure the quest final state to be something more like “Deal with the two Vegases.” Love the gun SFX for Viva Old Vegas when drawn and fired. I like the fact this quest involves a variety of solutions involving speech/conversation, but I’m biased. The entry for Mr. Las Vegas had a lot of spelling errors, which is a strike against it (sorry, I’m a narrative guy, it matters to me). Good motivation for Mr. Las Vegas, it’s a nice backstory fleshing out Mr. New Vegas, thought that was well done. The idea of Mr. New Vegas as an Eyebot was interesting.


Quest flowchart = double bonus points in tandem with the quest states, well done. I was a little confused if the Securitrons (once possessed by Mr. New Vegas) attacked the player or not – I thought it’d more interesting if they just froze and broadcasted his voice. Which, in turn, would leave Vegas itself a ripe target for the other factions. I like the specific use of the Computer Whiz perk, and also the references and callouts to other quest NPCs (Emily Ortal). While amusing to have an AI named WaNe (nice nod to the voice actor), at the same time, I thought it was a little distracting to have another AI beneath the AI (even if they’re the same). Again, the quest and skill solutions for dealing with WaNe are very Fallout-y, well done. I like how you tied Victor back to the narrative (I always thought Victor should have had a bigger role, and he would have made a great CNPC). The ambush with the 6 Securitrons felt extremely punishing for stealth/science folks (speech you’ve already covered), so having workaround for those character builds would have been nice.

For Radiological warfare (nice quest name), I liked the tie it made to Black Mountain radio and utilizing an existing location and scavenging its playlist. I liked the upgrades you get for Rex and ED-E for the quest as well, very clever. I didn’t like the linear layout of the RN bunker (level design for Fallout should try to allow for multiple routes and access points). I liked why WaNe referred to the player as “Six” and the explanation for it, nicely sidestepping the player’s “real name” issue.

Crimson Frankie Says

I think that having a revengeful Ghoul as Mr. NV’s nemesis is something unexpected, going against the patterns here: I commend you on that, Gunner. While we could all think of Mr. NV as this innocuous individual who has got no enemies, no one that wishes him dead because of his charisma, you go for the “everyone has got a nemesis” approach. Well done. Besides, you bring to the game another “immortal” facet to use as a contrast against the suave Mr. NV; a ghoul, the face of violence and human ruins from the war, the creature that suffers longer and is always reminded about how shameful it is to be human. White was a nice addition, to create the moral dilemma, to add a dark side to NV’s story, and to simply put a character that was a grimmer witness of the apocalypse, as opposed to the always flamboyant AI that hosts the radio shows.

Only one problem with it: how could have White known about the effect of radiation (or even FEV in case of the transitory Chris Taylor’s explanation for ghouls, seeing as how he’d have to be a top-tier member of the government to know that) turning people into ghouls before the bombs fell, so that he could carry out his masterplan against House? I found that part a bit tricky plot-wise, but the general idea of a personal vendetta being carried out as a plan to ruin Newton’s opportunity to become “immortal”. Oh, btw, that’s another issue I was in doubt about: is it okay to use real people’s names in the fiction? Don’t worry, this is not part of my critique, it’s just that I found that a bit peculiar and wondered about it.

Although I found the layout of the Radio NV building a bit predictable, the apparently small symbol of Mr. NV, his pistol Charisma, is such a clever addition to the entries. You mention it once, yet it played such a nice role to define what Mr. NV is all about. “Mr New Vegas's old .22's name is a joke to how he says he could probably kill people with his Charisma”. Very nice, Gunner, very nice. Also, the location of the Mojave Radio station as being in the Searchlight Airport was a cunning choice, in my opinion. You went for the “Empty, unimportant location” and gave it a true relevance, reminding me of our “Restoration Project” in that same location last year. The combination Airport/Radio Station is also good, as I think that such a place is appropriate for housing an ideally disseminative establishment.

On the other hand, I think there was an absence of explanation as to how the player enters the radio. We’re left thinking that the access was easily granted, or that the player can actually just come across the building for no reason and magically talk to Mr. NV. I think an initial part of the quest could have been made to develop the challenges of meeting such a mystic character.

Consequently, “On Different Wavelengths” is a problematic quest, in my opinion. Although I quite like it, and I think that the conflict created between Mr. NV and Mr. White is exciting, not to mention the nice choice to put White as the DJ of the mysterious Mojave Radio, I felt that the beginning of the quest was incomplete, as though things just started out of the blue. You even mention “Find the location of Radio New Vegas” as an objective in the Quick Walkthrough section, but you don’t specify what trigger the quest would have to initiate and to lead the player there. Overall nice entries, DG. I like your writing style, very objective, and you seem to write it with excitement, something we always expect from true FO fans :-) Another good points would be the nice picture for Mr. White, and the many consequences for the choices of the Courier in the end of “On Different Wavelengths”.


Another nice job from Garoux, always delivering solid entries. The quest is a nice mysterious proposal, the themes explored are fitting for FONV, the images were the best I’ve seen thus far in this competition, and the writing is, as usual, sharp and clear.

Your entries seem so neat, so tidy, that this is the first time in this competition I totally felt like reading a Nukapedia article. The sections are correctly ordered, even the “Wild Wasteland” section being detailed. I liked it very much. Such nicely crafted images that I don’t even have words to commend. Superb. That’s the kind of thing that polishes an entry so well that it may even enhance the narrative experience, and help us create images in our minds of how that would really look on a screen. Furthermore, the addition of the atmospheric music from the Sojourner Radio for the Courier’s pace in the quests is amazing, I found it creative and I wonder the amount of effort you had to gather all that content. Formidable.

However, I think that the main point of the quest (the identity of Mr. NV, his story… in sum, having him as a centre of action) is somewhat forgotten somewhere along the line, as you pin some new characters that stray away from your own purpose (like Dr. know, who gained a page and doesn’t quite play a role that important) and some – nicely made, I must add – creatures; it seems to me that the conflicts between Pontifex and the Corrupted One becomes bigger than Mr. NV’s dilemma itself, which would be more interesting for us given the proposition for this challenge. Also, I think that you could’ve developed the talk between the Courier and Seraph as to why the former is “a mortal sin against the evolution of humanity”. That could’ve been an important narrative intervention, a rich one, and developed the existential side of Seraph as a villain. One doubt: if Mr. NV is an optional companion – as you indicated when you mentioned where he’d be imprisoned “If Mr. New Vegas was a companion”, how would you get access to the implant awarded for killing the androids if he weren’t with you?

Overall, great ideas here, Garoux. Nice questlines, tidy configuration of entries, nice characters and drama, the opportunity to have Mr. New Vegas as a companion, the nice multidimensional choices given in the Machina Animus quest to escape from the prison, using Wild Wasteland perk descriptions to set deviations from the original course of some quests, etc. Many points satisfy me, even though there are a few downs, but they were directly pointed out. Very well done!


Mr. NV as an eyebot, huh? Quite unique, Nuka Turtle! What I think pleases me the most with your rendition of Mr. New Vegas is that you build a different background for it, especially because it was firstly represented as a kind of communicative vassal for the king Mr. House, and later it became a character of almost equal importance in maintaining order in the huge urban centre known as New Vegas. But then you hit us again with a surprise: not only is Mr. NV an eyebot that served as a spokesperson, but turned into a propaganda and entertainment being, but also *Mr. LV* is still alive! That is like the doppelganger conflict for radio hosts in New Vegas! The two personalities truly collide, and that’s what I like in the vendetta you develop: you really make it believable that such vendetta could very well happen, and develop as dramatically as you portray it. Very nice construction of the quest’s drama!

LV’s background is also something to commend you on. The trust he lost in people, put against the faith he used to have in them, makes his vendetta quite likeable. He is the quintessential “double-crossed good man”, who dedicated his life to something, and had that something taken away from him while having to live forever to suffer from that pain. And what pleases me is also the fact that you write it so objectively on your Mr. LV page.

What I kind of felt as a bad point is that you develop an admirable drama for LV’s life, all the anger and resentment inside of him, and you make the quest page a sort of supporting page for the other ones, whereas it should be otherwise. Not that the other two pages should’ve been more shallow, no; it’s the main page that should’ve been deeper , accompanying the pace left by the supporting ones. Although the many possibilities for the end of the quest are alright (the consequences affecting the radios broadcasts), the quest is vague, poorly detailed, and looks like it needed a lot of polishing. Adding Yangtze seemed innovative, but nothing is said of what relevance the place has to the quest or how Mr. NV got there. I quite liked your idea, Nuka Turtle, and even though you had that bump with the quest, the rest is an exciting story. Well done!


Your idea is very polished here, and it’s clear and cunning. You start well and you round it up well too. The simple – but clever – idea of putting the Strip as the centre of the conflict in your missions, while also including other areas of the base game map is very strategic, I like that. It creates the tensions of the real influence that a supposed AI would have on the many inebriated minds of the people that wander in and out of the Strip. The alienating atmosphere of the place feels like the ultimate machine-over-human fragmentation of the Mojave, and the rhythm of the quest’s story sits happily with that concept.

You demonstrate your deep knowledge on the NV lore with the constant use of other locations, and even adding relevant consequences in the “Have You Heard” quest from other quests supposed to have been completed before by the player. A clever structuring of the quest’s possibilities; not to mention the consequences from previous pivotal deeds taken into account when in the moral confrontation against WaNe. In addition, the personality of Mr. New Vegas, although sort of vague, is intelligently tied to the idea that it must have that one last duty to justify the conflict with the savior of the Mojave. The idea of Mr. NV as the disseminator of House’s legacy and martyrdom is also great. Such chain of events is just something I could commend here forever. You did it right.

One bad point I would detail is when the player fails in the argumentation with WaNe. Considering that this is a fairly decisive quest in the course of happenings in the Mojave, a requirement of Int 6 (and in a later event, also vitally conflictive, Repair 30) or higher to crash WaNe’s and his securitrons’ functioning would be just too low, too lenient, and you didn’t quite make clear how long it would take for them to come back to normal. That would be a very important information that I sort of missed there. It would be crucial in clarifying what amount of effort from the player would have to be put in order to succeed, and to a certain extent, that says a lot about the quest’s relevance, especially in such a critical moment of it.

Other than that, impressive job. The four entries are very well structured, little room for critique, many explanations given, the intelligent use of the other radio signal antenna – Black Mountain – as a way to strengthen WaNe’s influence, the consequences of your actions,… many good things to point out. Congratulations.

Leafless Says

There is not much to say…It is simply a very long initial quest of awesome quality, branching in 2 parallel quests which aren’t as great as the 1st quest (as expected of each 2nd part of something…it will be always worse than the 1st part). I simply love the idea of Pontifex…he is my favourite kind of villain and the new enemies are really well done. The overall story is well written as well and I see myself craving for more. The TinkerBears are a nice “Wild Wasteland” easter egg, yet I have 1 important question connected to this: Why haven’t you used Doctor Who references!? The idea of hybridization of man and machine screams Cyberman! And the DeusExMachina in Machina Animus couldn’t look more like the Tardis! Punch yourself ‘til you explode for letting this slip! Damn…because your entry is so good I have to forgive you.

Dead Gunner

Uhm…yeah…I am not impressed. The quest is short and kinda misses the right punch. The character of Mr. White also lacks any kind of special trait, charisma or real background. Adding up to this….Before the Great War no one knew of ghoulification and even then it is a bit too convenient to have the matching genes and aim for it. Not your best piece of work.

Ghoullover/ NukaTurtle

Hard to judge…Ok, I start this time with the bad thing and there is really only 1. You could or should have made a text version of the quests walkthrough. Only seeing it in the quick walkthrough shows, that it is a quest of average to good quality, but isn’t really satisfying. Yet the characters of this entry (especially Mr. Las Vegas) brim with charisma. And I would love to use the “Viva Las Vegas” in the real game…I just love using revolvers, pistols and similar guns with special effects.


I like it! The quest is well done and balanced, the side quest adds a nice side activity (reusing my beloved Black Mountain Radio and the overall story is good and follows a different concept than the other 3 contestants. I would have liked a bit more about WaNe, but it is a well done extension of the already known Mr. New Vegas.

To 3 contestants…You know who I mean!

2 opposing forces…1 is Mr. New Vegas and the other an AI/ radio host. Stopping the attack of the attack of the side which isn’t Mr. New Vegas and finally deciding the fate by either destroying one side or finding a compromise…WHO THE HELL ALLOWED YOU TO TAKE APART OF MY ENTRY AFTER I WAS KICKED OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!? I DRAG YOU ALL DOWN TO HELL…I! DRAG! YOU! DOWN TO HELL! *gets dragged off the stage instead*


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Dead Gunner 125 GhoulLover666/NukaTurtle 42 GarouxBloodline 47 Paladin117 48

NukaTurtle's extra votes are not enough to save her, and Dead Gunner gains one vote.

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Specifically, the Talon Company. You’re creating a DLC that tells their story.

The Company isn’t too developed in the main game, so you can take them almost any direction you like. You may want to keep them as the constant enemy presence they are in the main Fallout game, or may instead want to show a neutral or friendly side to the company.

You may wish to answer some questions not answered fully in the main game – Who are the Talon Company? Why are they in the Capital Wasteland? Where do they get their stuff? Its up to you though,

You should tell us how this fits into the core game. The DLC itself is to be designed “post” FO3 launch, so you cannot make significant changes to the main game (a few minor changes to locations to add an extra NPC or door, etc. are permissible).

Other than that, the door is open, impress us!

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