Just something I'm saving here... Fallout core games through to New Vegas if the Vault Dweller died. Thinking about learning the GECK to maybe make a mini mod based on it. People are free to use and republish it if you think its useful. Agent c 20:56, March 10, 2011 (UTC)


*Raspy Voice On*

With the fall of the vault dweller, there is noone in place to stop the rise of the mutant force or the Master's rise.

The Brotherhood, paralysed by indecision, is eventually besieged by the mutant horde. Unable to leave their shelter without facing a rain of bullets, plasma and rockets - and nowhere to get food even if they could - they eventually die of starvation.

The towns of Adytum, Hub, Junktown, Shady Sands, Redding, Reno, Modoc, Klamath and Den all fall to the mutant horde. The Ghost farm, able to greater trade on superstition with the lower inteligence of the Supermutants survives. The residents of vault city retreat into their vault for the meantime. With the followers of the apocalypse exterminated, Caesar is never born.

As the Enclave become active in the californian region, they realise the worst of their projections do not cover the current situation. The mutant horde is well armed, well equipped, and great in number - they need a plan, and a drastic one at that.

Although Curling develops a theoretical version of the Forced Evolution Virus that could cleanse the wasteland, the Enclave has no immediate access to the virus to complete development - getting a sample becomes a priority.

A full frontal assult on Mariposa is considered, but rejected for being too risky. In its desperation the Enclave resorts to the tools that brought the world to its knees (Either using BOMB-001 from VB, another stockpile or building their own). Although Mariposa is not on the target list, the other super-mutant strongholds are.

The surprise nuclear strike from an enemy as yet unseen damages greatly the mutant horde both in numbers and morale - they areno longer able to offer the same resistance. Following the strike, Mariposa falls and Curling finishes his FEV work. It is quickly released into the atmosphere. Other than those who remain or have rentered the vaults, the human, supermutant and ghoul population of the continential USA has been exterminated.

The calculator, detecting that the surface is okay begins its reconstruction of the old world. Using long dormant control subroutines, the Enclave takes control of its forces, and uses its resources to rebuild its version of America.

James still enteres vault 101 to protect his child. With no Brotherhood to assist in Project Purity or to mitigate the mutant threat, his work is not developed enough to receive that flash of inspiration to seek a GECK. Although the memory of his abandonded work still pains him, and he continues secret research into water purification, James remains in the vault watching his child and Amata grow into adulthood, and they lived happily ever after... until the Enclave came.

Seeking a place for rest and relaxation, an Encalve scouting party eventually reaches Las Vegas. Surprised to see a securitron army rebuilding the city, they eventually make contact with one of old America's favourite sons - House.

Although there is some disquiet on his eligibility to claim humanity initially, these are for the most part overcome and he eventually rises to become President of the newly reconstituted United States. With his economic and political resource (not to mention his great intelligence) he rules the United States like noone before him; thanks to the machines keeping him alive, his political legacy lasts for centuries...

Eventually the United States restablishes contact with the decendants of other nations, and well, as they say... War. War never changes.