I hate the world today.

Today's the day that old bag we call the overseer decided we all had to leave our homes. Thats all well and good for him I suppose, but I've never left the habitation zone of the vault. I swear my eyes almost caught fire thanks to that big bright thing in the sky hit my skin - why would anyone want to live in that when we can live back in our quarters with adjustable lighting - you can't even turn the damn thing off if you want to take a nap, it only goes off once a day and back on once a day, its ridiculous, completely uncivilised.

The outside is just an insane ridiculous place. The Air doesn't smell right, its neither the clear air in the sterile sections or the scented options that each quarters allows - it smells more like the bathroom. Does the outside even have an environmental management system? Even if it did, would it even work properly in a room this big? Just to give you an idea the Ceiling is so high, well, I guess if you took 100 vaults and took out all the seperate levels you still wouldn't have an idea as to how big this room is - its completely inefficient! Why would anyone make a room this big just to make more smaller rooms in?

Oh, and it leaks, and when it leaks it leaks heavily. Before they let me back into the vault the ceiling changed colour and seemed to come down a bit. Shortly after that I was caught in what was just like a shower, except it was cold!

I don't care what everyone else does. I'm not leaving the vault, no matter what kind of fancy plans they make for this "City". The vault is nicer, more comfortable, and just better than this outside place and the old bag can go to hell.