A draft of the Apprentice Season 2 rules.

Entry requirements

  1. Entry to the Qualification challenge is open to all persons with Wikia accounts. If you do not have a Wikia account, these are available for free to anyone with an active Email address. If you do not have an email address, these are available for free from multiple providers online. Please note that this may have to be limited further later on if there are legal issues in regards to prize giving.
  2. Entry to Subsiquent challenges is by invitation only. For round 1, At least 4 candidates are expected to be invited from the qualification challenge, with 4 slots held open for returning season 1 challengers. Each subsiquent round will also be by invitation based on the judging rankings and popular vote. In each round, it is expected 1 or 2 candidates will be removed.

Participation - Main game

  1. For the main game (non qualification) challenges, we expect the following days of the month to be trigger days.
  • 1st: Challenge revealed to the Public, and elimination results.
  • 14th: Normal deadline for entries (23:59 Wiki time). Next challenge to be advised to candidates when all entries received.
  • 21st: Judging is completed, and rankings posted. Candidates to be advised of next challenge by this point.
  1. The winner of each round recieves a free "Vote". This vote will be applied to a public vote automatically if you would lose without using the vote. These votes will stack (win 3 challenges, and you have 3 votes to avoid elimination). Don't discount the value of 1 vote - some of our challenges really were that close. These votes can also be used in the grand final challenge.
  2. We appreciate that this is going to be a long contest, and the real world may intervene. In order to help you deal with any ongoing issues, we'll offer the following:
  • If you're going to be away, we can issue challenges to you early. We can also make alternative posting arrangements so you do not have to post your challenge before the close date (in order not to tip off other candidates).
  • If required, extensions are available. These will normally be no longer than one week (we would generally expect you to use only a day or two), but depending on the circumstances we can be flexible. We may at our discretion "preemtively" give you an extension without you requesting it if your post looks like it is going to be late. Please note however that this should not be abused - we reserve the right to penalise serial abusers of the extension system in a manner similar to the reward for winning a challenge, through refusal of further extentions, or through elimination.
  1. After each challenge, the judges will evaluate the entries, and come to a ranking. The method of this ranking is to apply a number of votes equal to the number of remaining candidates to an entry that a particular judge feels is the best. Their second gets one less vote, and so forth until the last place entry which gets a single vote. The results from all 3 judges are tallied, and the ranks formed from the combined vote.
  2. The bottom placed 3 will ordinarily be up for elimination. However in the event of a double elimination being called, The bottom placed entry will be eliminated, and the next 3 contestants up for public vote. We expect there to be one of these, but reserve the right to call more.
  3. In the final round, one person will win the main game
  4. In the event of a tie (including free votes), the judges rankings will be the decider.

Meeting the challenge

  1. Each month a challenge will be posted, as decided by the judges. The challenge will have posted criteria you will be expected to meet, and the judges will rank you to these criteria.
  2. They will also judge you on their personal decided factors, such as how well they feel the entry was written, how much they would like to see your entry become real, the fun factor they think it would have, appealability to other gamers, etc.
  3. We expect in most cases for entries to have the look and feel of an article on Nukapedia. The key exception will be a "Disclaimer" template at the top of your entry confirming that the entry is not game content, but an entry in the Apprentice.
  4. Fallout Apprentice is not a challenge of editing skill, however some skill will be needed in assembling your challenge. As such, you are welcome to request from the judges assistance in formatting your entry. We cannot offer suggestions (ie - we wont suggest you use a particular template), however we can help you get an effect if you are unsure of how to apply it (for instance, you may not know how to use the Infobox template. However if you spot an infobox you'd like to use on another article, you may ask us for help in getting the template on your page.
  5. Fallout Apprentice asks you to put yourself in the shoes of a designer. Designers do not work in a vacuum, and as such whilst any entry should primarily be your own work, you are welcome to seek creative feedback from others on your entry. You may also use parts of work you have previously created if it fits a challenge.
  6. Equally, as you are a designer, you can presume in any given challenge you have a team of people working for you who would be able to do implementation, or flesh ideas out further. However you should still ensure any stated criteria are still met.
  7. Your entry should be submitted as a blog post on your account, unless agreed otherwise.
  8. For pre-public notice of challenges, you will need to give your email address to the judges.
  9. You may wish to use a sandbox to help draft your design, however please note that whilst these may be in your user-space, they are open to the public; your competitors may see it, and use that information in their challenge, equally if you spot someone working on their entry, there is no restriction on you reading it.