The Aces Theatre
Welcome to the Aces Theatre!


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the newly renovated Aces Theatre, Sponsored by the Strategic Nuclear Moose - Why have a chocolate Moose when you can have a nuclear moose? Tonight, for your listening pleasure, we have Ismarc, with a little ditty about a guy he used to know....

So Vault 13 has opened up

The Vault Dweller is being shoved out
With his ten Mill and Safety Flare

He has no choice at all but get his ass out there

Yes he knows just what he must do
Bring a chip with him back when he's through

Saving all sorts of folks who think his story's a hoax

The Vault Dweller, the hero you know.

It was in Hub's Old town that he first learned of the threat

Old Harold claimed there's monsters all around

Its cave he quickly went there, poor Slappy ran from the scare

and a deathclaw our big hero did put down

He took a trip to the Glow, dared by the brothers you know
His return made their all elders seem like clowns
he travelled near and far
The wasteland's shining star
The vault dweller

Now the Cathederal has fallen down
The Vault Dweller, the hero the pro

He was put on this earth
So your life would have worth
The Vault Dweller, the hero you know.

Strange, I could have sworn that sounded a bit like some other song I know...

The Aces Theatre is an opportunity for you to make a one off contribution to the moose - all you need to do is write a piece that could fit in as a performance in the theatre - it could be a song (like this), a comedy act, or dramatic work. If you have a contribution, or request, please make a notes in the comments.

Aces Theatre was originally adapted for Nukapedia by Gauzz Rifle, now managed by the Strategic Nuclear Moose staff.