The Aces Theatre
Welcome to the Aces Theatre!


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the newly renovated Aces Theatre, Sponsored by the Strategic Nuclear Moose - Why have a chocolate Moose when you can have a nuclear moose? This little ditty goes out to Nathan...

That's life, that's what people say. You're riding high in September, Shot down in October. But I know I'm gonna change their tune, When I'm right back on top in June. That's life, funny as it seems. Some people get their kicks, Shooting atomic beams But I just can't let it get me down, Cause this big old world keeps spinnin' around. I've been a raider, a scavenger , a sheriff, A courier, a slave and a murder. I've been up and down and over and out But I know one thing: Each time I find myself with a hole in my face, A robot picks me up and get me back in the race. That's life, I can't deny it, I thought of quitting, But my Tesla coils just won't buy it. Cause if I didn't think it was worth a cap, I'd have to roll myself up in a big ball and run to the Pitt.----

Strange, I could have sworn that sounded a bit like some other song I know...

The Aces Theatre is an opportunity for you to make a one off contribution to the moose - all you need to do is write a piece that could fit in as a performance in the theatre - it could be a song (like this), a comedy act, or dramatic work. If you have a contribution, or request, please make a notes in the comments.

Aces Theatre was originally adapted for Nukapedia by Gauzz Rifle, now managed by the Strategic Nuclear Moose staff.