The Brain
Attention, members of the Enclave, NCR and other wastelanders.

It is I, the Brain speaking.

It has come to my attention that there is a great schism between the people of this wiki, and it has come down to me to lead you all to salvation.

The truth is, there is salvation for all - Enclave, Ghoul, Mutant, and NCR member alike - Salvation in renewal.

With renewal all can be saved, and all can truly meet their true potential. All you have to do is just let go, let go to all of your troubles and ties.

You all know that the Enclave, the NCR, and all the others are ultimately doomed in the end.

Only renewal can heal the rift that threatens to destroy this place.

So Join us Eden2012, Join us Denis517, Join us For NCR and everyone else. Renew, Renew and you too will be saved!