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Bethesda stunned its Audience in the BE3 confrence with its "One Last Thing" - VR coming to Fallout 4 and Doom, and somewhat experiencable - players could view the iconic Red Rocket gas station that has become a symbol of the game.

Bethesda have been interested in VR for some time, but their involvement has been more in the realm of Lawsuits. Following John Carmack's departure from ID for Occulus/Facebook, Bethesda sued, claiming that Carmack had worked on code for Occulus on company time, and as a result the code that was taken amounts to a stolen "trade secret". The case is continuing in the Northern District of Dallas court, the parties have been pushed into Mediation, failing this Jury Trial is currently scheduled for January 2017.

Given this, its no suprise that Bethesda have aligned themselves with HTC to present the game on the Vive to atendees of Both E3 and BE3. Microsoft talked up Fallout 4 during their confrence at E3 too, building hopes that the game would also appear on Microsoft's VR solution.

Whether or not it will appear is anyone's guess. Whilst VR is certainly flavour of the week - just as it was in the Mid 90's when Nintendo gave us the Virtual Boy and Holywood gave us The Lawnmower Man - Sometimes flavours of the week do have real lasting power.

Whilst the new round of devices are certainly technically impressive, one can't help but be reminded of the fad over 3D TVs just a few short years ago - promises of 3D TV channels soon faded as it became clear that consumers simply weren't interested in wearing special goggles just to watch TV.