Hello America, This is your president, John Henry Eden. Seven Long years ago I made a promise to you dear, sweet, America, that I, and the Enclave would bring back our national pastime, Baseball, back to this country. Dear America, Today I am proud to to announce, that I, and the Enclave have succeeded in our promise to you. So without further ado, I present to you, in association with Galaxy Sports News, the 2288 World Series of Baseball!

National League Semi Final 1 - The Capital City Congressmen vs The Lions of the Citadel
From the Capital Wasteland
The Capitol City Congressmen

Lyons' Pride

From the Capital Wasteland
The Lions of the Citadel
Microphone and Stand
From Galaxy Sports News
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Welcome back Dear America, as we enter the semi finals for the National League. And boy do we have a treat for you. But Washington, let me ask you a question, are you a mutant, or a traitor

Moe Cronin
Err John, Washington was some other guy

Oh, you're still here. Dear Listeners I am of course joined by our baseball expert Moe "Swatter" Cronin. Good to see you Moe

Moe Cronin
I'm not so sure you are.

Come on Moe, its time to be professional. This week is a Capital Wasteland Derby where a bunch of Mutants take on a Bunch of Traitors.

Moe Cronin
You couldn't be more neutral if you tried John

Why thank you Moe. So, what is your take on these two teams

Moe Cronin
Well the advantages of the Pride's armor is well known. However, its impossible to count out a team who's big enough to uses the opposing team as a Swatter!

Too True Moe. Well, lets kick off this season and Play Ball

Moe Cronin
Wrong Sport John.


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