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    Some Breaking News about Fallout 4. is reporting that Mirada Studios has reportedly had a hand in the creation of a Fallout 4 trailer.

    This leak comes through the linkedin profile of a 3D artist, who has listed Fallout 4 as the title he was working on.

    From Player Theory.

    Who is Mirada? They've created advertisements for the like of Walt Disney, the prologue of Pacific rim, and worked on Katy Perry's Dark Horse video. you can see a montage of their work here.

    All of this points to an imminent Fallout 4 announcement being more likely.


    Mirada has been asking media outlets to pull the story claiming that there has been a breach of a non disclosure agreement. It seems Mirada has inadvertently confirmed the story to be true.


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  • Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest. Its whatever day I say it is.

    In your edition

    This week's pictures have been selected by a guy who claims to be cold and boring, but is neither.

    • For NCR
    • The Old World Relics
    • ToCxHawK
    • A Follower Separate forum
    • Limmiegirl
    • Chris the Saiyan
    • Emikowolf
    • Mishaxhi
    • Miss.Nicolle
    • Charcoal121
    • CommanderNuka
    • Stars and Stripes Forever
    • Yukichigai

    If you’ve missed the opportunity to sign up for the Bethesda E3 Conference…. you can show up anyway and have more than a snowball’s chance in the Mojave of getting in. Bethesda expect to have a number of Standby seats You gotta be there at 6:15 Pacific time (and probably a lot earlier), and you’ll have a chance of getting an unclaimed ticket.

    Bethesda will be streaming the event on Twitch a…

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  • Agent c

    We don't have one sadly (Boo!) but IGN posted up theirs.... Thanks to Gaming Foxy who spotted this.

    IF you're going to be near LA you can register here

    I'm not sure, but someone on IGN's forum thinks they spotted someone familiar....

    Is that Vault boy? Anyone else familiar you can spot?

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    What if you could... Make the game?

    Donald Trump might have refused to sign for Apprentice 2016.... But after a year's rest and think, we're back.

    We're still hammering away at things like judges and hopefully prizes, but entries are now being accepted for the Audition Round. The Due date is 15 May 2015. (Now extended because due to exam pressure I can't read anything until then anyway, and popular demand)

    We've decided to reverse things this year, you'll not be pitching content for any existing game (Except for in the Audition), but for a single Fallout game you will be pitching from the ground up. Each week we'll ask you about an element of your dream Fallout game, until the final round where you tell us about the whole game!

    The number of e…

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  • Agent c

    The Nukapedia Mailbag

    March 29, 2015 by Agent c

    Please, Keep your emails coming to

    Dear Lonnie,

    Thank you for your email. I find your claim strange as our staff car is currently undergoing repairs, and has been for some time. I enclose a picture for your records

    Love and kisses,


    Dear Abbie,


    Your Friend


    Dear Ramu,

    Thats weird, yesterday our increase in sales was so high that we made 2014's sales just in one day alone.

    Thanks for your offer though.



    Dear Jeff

    Thank you for your order offer. We sell the Vault-Tec Happy Chipper, the only wood chipper thats vault tec approed!

    We don't want money. We just want Bacon, Lots of it. Once we recieve the first truckload we'll dispatch your chipper.

    Please hurry, we're very hungry.


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