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  • Agent c

    For those of you who haven't seen this playthough of Vault Tech Workshop, please do give it a look, as it does answer a lot of questions - and raises even more - about what to expect later this month. Its going to hit your screens on July 26.

    For those of you who don't have the time, here's the cliff notes:

    Vault 88 is the key location for the workshop - you won't just just be given a load of new tools and be expected to go, you're going to have to follow the radio signal to the still closed vault - conveniently located in Quincy Quarries. If you're beyond level 20 the radio mission should trigger automatically, those below level 20 who want to chance it can trigger the radio by reaching the front door (good luck with that - Quincy is a le…

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  • Agent c

    Welcome to the roundup of Wiki happenings this week, here's a roundup of the topics we want you involved in:

    • Wikia's battle of the fantasy Foods is back. Get your nomination in before Monday.
    • Do we need to change our articles to reflect the needs of surivival mode? Thats what User:VaultLife wants to know. What do you think? Is this too much "strategy" or something that it would be useful for us to have? Let us know your thoughts.
    • Wikia are planning an "Aug Pride" event in collaboration with Square Enix for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Want to see what they're thinking and have your say on our participation? Just click the link.
    • There's a vote going on to establish some guidelines on creature articles How did we get this far without em? No …
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  • Agent c

    For those of you who are enjoying Fallout Shelter - or looking for a reason to start - Today is your day. Update 1.6 AND the long awaited PC version have hit the virtual shelves. Bethesda say its the biggest Fallout Shelter yet.

    Some of the things you'll be able to experience include:

    • Quests: Its no longer just a matter of sending your dwellers to the wasteland, you'll now send em to Vaults, Red Rocket, the Super Duper Mart, and will face off even more impressive enemies, including bosses.
    • Updates to Combat: You'll now have better control over your dwellers, allowing you to select which enemies to attack and play a mini game for a critical hit. You can also use new items in new ways.
    • PC Version: No longer are you restricted to playing the g…

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    Hi Folks, Welcome to the new live news page.

    This was spawned out of me getting fed up missing some news as I was never quite sure if I should publish a whole news digest for a few minor pieces, or wait a few days... Typically I'd choose the latter, and then stories would go stale simply because I was waiting for something more.

    From now on no compromises. The latest will always be here, and we can update the "digest" whenever we need to.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to invite you all to join our NewsSquad. If you think you have what it takes, simply write an article in your blogspace on the wiki and add it to my talk page and I'll be in touch. If you have a suggestion but don't want to write it yourself, please email us at the u…

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  • Agent c
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