The years of waiting for the trailer to drop are over. All of a sudden the real world is irrelevant to a large subsection of society known as gamers, as the trifles of day to day life and the continued existence of the Kardashian's send them into their own personal vault to await the chance to explore the post apocalypse.

Everyone has their own big wishes for this game so here I thought I'd post mine, in the hope that you'd respond with your own in the comments and we can get a good brainstorm of what's to come based on evidence/speculation/hopes.

Theme and setting Fallout 3 did a great job concentrating on the theme of freedom. The setting of DC, arguably the heart of modern day western democracy and freedom with a touch of the grime and corruption we see today thrown in as we see the people are not free, the desire to make the essential waters of life free and the Lone Wanderer breaking out of the oppressive vault to free the wasteland from the few who desperately held onto power. New Vegas did a similar job with greed. The NCR overstretched trying to grab as much land as possible, Mr House trying to use the conflict for his own personal gain, and the Legion believing it is the retribution of the profligate's greed when it is actually the tool of a megalomaniac.

Fallout 4 I think has set itself up for a good theme of humanity, the replicated man quest nicely starting this off. The wasteland has done horrible things to survive, the Commonwealth can create artificial life that looks, thinks, feels and acts like a human, and the radiation has twisted some into a new set of creatures. As Boston provides the first real chance at rebuilding, I really want Fallout 4 to concentrate on whether society can be rebuilt, and whether Humanity can ever be what it once was?

Plot I posted earlier as an anonymous user that I think the leaks reported by Kotaku a while back are in some way true. I think (and hope) that the man seen in the trailer before the bombs fell is the protagonist for a number of reasons

1. The leak expressed that the man was a soldier who has a family (a first for fallout) and been in cryo-stasis since the bombs fell. This would play in nicely with the theme of humanity. A soldier of the past with a moral code forced to choose between his morality and or the survival of his family 2. It provides the chance to play the game during the past, maybe before the bombs fell as an epilogue? 3. The fact that he is a soldier in cryostasis stuck out at me. Soldiers aren't rich, not even the generals are loaded so how did he get a place in a vault with some of the most advanced technology going? I'm personally hoping that this is an Enclave experiment vault that wanted to store pure Human soldiers, and that the protagonist has been woken to act as recon (he would have the choice on whether to side with the Enclave).

Boston is going to be a great setting, to me personally because I feel it will connect easily with Fallout 3. I hope that the Capital Wasteland BoS are expanding into Massachusets, causing conflict to ensue between the BoS and Commonwealth and the fragmented Enclave are just biding their time to strike. The success of either faction is down to the Protagonist, or the protagonist can destroy them all and take Boston as his own to lord over as a tyrant or justly protect the area.

Being a Husband and a father should absolutely be a huge element. Will you kill an innocent to bring food to your loved ones? Will you sacrifice all you hold dear to save the wastes?

Features I'm not one for including travel, although I did enjoy the cars in Rage. It gave a nice Mad Max feel to it. But Fallout is not Mad Max. Part of the fun is trekking around the wasteland and SURVIVING, not speeding.

Karma to me is very bland still, but I desperately want a humanity theme in the game that I think would be greatly aided by Karma, but with much deeper impact that resonates on who your character is. Wouldn't it be better if a person who is evil has NPC's (who can't be interacted with) running from them, or hiding, or whispering caution to others? Or a good character having NPC's in settlements come to look in wonder at the hero who saved them? Karma should affect prices, affiliation with groups, speech checks (who wouldnt reveal their innermost secrets to the grim reaper of the wasteland?) and much more. The way Red Dead's notoriety system works or Infamous' infamy system.

Build settlements! Secure areas away from mutants and deathclaws and allow villages/towns to pop up and protect them as your own. Like the Thane's of Skyrim but this time the towns need your help! Don't just join factions, create them. It's always annoyed me that you serve as the protector of another groups values but you can never create your own to rival the great factions.

Customisable weapons and armor...I want to have my own patchwork jury rigged power armour like the first iron man suit.

A proper stealth mode would be good, with each mission having multiple approaches i.e. sneak, loud etc but this would mean clever AI that doesn't immediately turn on you following the killing of one ghoul away from the pack with a suppressor.

A hardcore mode but not as ridiculously hardcore as FNV. The player should be able to customise pouches etc to reduce their burden. The game should have a water meter that must constantly be refilled to represent how much water you have left. Of course, this option is optional!

So that's my view, how about you?