Alright, Fallout 3's Next DLC Mothership Zeta is coming out sometime in the near future. I have all of the other DLC's and wile playing them I saw a lot of things I liked, but also some things I didin't like. So what im hopeing for is that Bethesda REALY trys and makes this one the best of the five. I would like to see more repeatable quests ( like the teddy bear's in the pittt ) in order to keep players active within the DLC. Another thing that in my opinion would be creative is if they had abductee's from before the war that survived through stasis on he ship, that way you can obtain information that is otherwise unknown. one more thing i would like to see is realization from the inhabitants of the wastland. The word should spread that your PC was taken by aliens! These would all add depth to the game rather than just getting on the alian mother ship, blasting a few of them, and getting off like nothing ever happend. Please post any thought's you have on this subject.