In the forum and elsewhere I've had discussions of possible goals that completionists could set for themselves in Fallout: New Vegas, so I thought it would be worth collecting my thoughts here to share with those interested, as this wiki clearly attracts completionist Fallout fans.

This entry covers the main game only. Subsequent blog entries will cover the add-ons.


Quests that are sensitive to the order of other quests include:



Armor and Clothing

There are a range of unique and faction armour and clothing items to collect. However, many are worn by friendly NPCs and require reverse pickpocketing or killing NPCs to collect. So this list includes the maximum number of unique items with the reservation that I never end up collecting them all as I often prefer them worn by the original wearer.


Special Perks

Other Collections

By completing the above, all achievements will be achieved along the way, except for the 4 ending quest series (easily completed from this point in the game) and Hardcore.

I will add to this list as things occur to me. Feel free to suggest more additions or discuss completionist tips and tricks in the comments below.