• Actreal

    • Complete all Old World Blues quests

    • Complete 11 Old World Blues challenges

    • Collect the unique weapons:
      • Big Mountain Transportalponder!
      • Christine's COS silencer rifle
      • Corrosive glove
      • Dr. Klein's glove
      • Dr. Mobius' glove
      • Elijah's jury-rigged Tesla cannon
      • FIDO
      • Sterilizer glove
      • X-2 antenna
    • Collect the fully modded weapons:
      • Elijah's advanced LAER (2 mods)
      • K9000 cyberdog gun (2 mods)
      • LAER (2 mods)
      • Saturnite fist super-heated
      • Sonic emitter (1 upgrade and 5 sound files)

    • Collect armor and clothing unique to Big MT:
      • Atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator
      • Christine's CoS recon armor
      • Dr. Klein's glasses
      • Dr. Klein's scrubs
      • Dr. Mobius' glasses
      • Dr. Mobius' scrubs
      • Hazmat darklight cowl
      • Hazmat suit
      • Lobotomite goggles
      • Lobotomite jumpsuit
      • Lobotomite mask
      • Lobotomite mask and goggles
      • Mad scien…

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  • Actreal

    Weapons, apparel and aid items are all useful to the player in one way or another. Miscellaneous items, on the other hand, range from extremely useful to completely useless. This table aims to provide a list of all the miscellaneous items in Fallout: New Vegas that have at least one use as a reference for which junk to carry and which junk not to pick up in the first place.

    Obviously useful items like bobby pins, currency and drained energy cells are excluded from this list.

    Some of this junk can't be used without various add-ons installed and/or certain quests completed.

    Miscellaneous item Use with Purpose
    Abraxo cleaner Workbench Cosmic knife clean, Cloud Kiss
    Box of detergent Workbench Homemade Flamer fuel, Rocket
    Butter knife Workbench …

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  • Actreal

    • Complete all Honest Hearts quests, except choose one of the three endings:
      • Crush the White Legs
      • Prisoners of War, Sanctity of the Dead, Retake the Bridge and Flight from Zion
      • Chaos in Zion (Don't choose this one for maximum challenge/achievement completion)

    • Complete 6 of 7 Honest Hearts challenges
      • Choose O Daughter of Babylon or May my Hand Forget its Skill

    • Collect the unique weapons:
      • A Light Shining in Darkness
      • Compliance Regulator
      • Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist
      • She's Embrace
      • Survivalist's Rifle
    • Collect the fully modded weapons:
      • .45 Auto pistol (2 mods)
      • .45 Auto submachine gun (2 mods)
      • War club (2 mods)

    • Collect or craft armor and clothing unique to Zion:
      • Chalk's headdress
      • Daniel's hat
      • Daniel's outfit
      • Dead Horses stalker armor
      • Desert Ranger combat armor
      • Desert Ra…

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  • Actreal

    • Complete all Dead Money quests

    • Complete all 12 out of 14 non-recurring Dead Money challenges
      • Choose All for One or Loose Ends
      • Choose Cash Out or Safety Deposit Box

    • Collect the fully modded weapons from Dead Money: Bear trap fist, Automatic rifle and Holorifle (3 mods) and craftable weapons Knife spear clean, Cosmic knife clean and Cosmic knife super-heated

    • Collect armor and clothing unique to the Sierra Madre:
      • Assassin suit
      • Dead Money jumpsuit
      • Dean's tuxedo (optional)
      • Father Elijah's robes
      • Sierra Madre armor and helmet (2 versions)
      • Vera's outfit

    • All 3 companion training perks in Dead Money: Coin Operator, Ghost Hunter and Sierra Madre Martini
    • Choose Elijah's Last Words (for Veronica) or Elijah's Ramblings (for the player)

    • All 37 Gold bars (optional due…

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  • Actreal

    In the forum and elsewhere I've had discussions of possible goals that completionists could set for themselves in Fallout: New Vegas, so I thought it would be worth collecting my thoughts here to share with those interested, as this wiki clearly attracts completionist Fallout fans.

    This entry covers the main game only. Subsequent blog entries will cover the add-ons.

    • Complete main quests up to Ring-a-Ding-Ding!
    • Complete all side quests, with possible exceptions below:
      • Choose Ghost Town Gunfight or Run Goodsprings Run
      • Choose Heartache by the Number or Birds of a Feather
      • Choose Beyond the Beef (certain endings) or Pheeble Will and Beyond the Beef (other endings)
      • Choose Restoring Hope or We Are Legion
      • Choose Eyesight to the Blind or Tend to Your Busi…

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