Even thought he is a die-hard Wiki Supporter, he is a virtual unknown among the wiki's ranks with almost no edits to his name. Safe in the knowledge that if you open your wiki for everyone, then it won't be long untill the Trolls and D-bags ruin the ever-so-valuble information stored in the wiki. He views the "seppratists" in The Vault as nieve fools for not considering the benefits to closing the Wiki to new members. He believe that even letting the Trolls and D-bags anonamously comment on news and profiles is over stating their bounries, however he is tolerant of this because he also believes that everyone should get a fair first try, the Newbie may be able to build on this one belief and convert him to The Vault, however if the Newbie is already suporting the"sepritists" then he is likely greet the Newbie with hot lead.


Ever since he came of age, ARVD has had a troubled conscience because he knows that he hasn't lived up to his own expectations. Though he would gladly lay down his own life for the Wiki and it's members, he himself has been one of the worst Wiki contributer of all time, because he never contibutes. He excuses this by convincing himself that someone else can edit the any page better then he can. Untill he came upon a page that had been Trolled. Almost everything on the page reguired fixing, again he convinced himself that someone could fix it better then he ever could. The following day the page in question was deleted. ARVD knew he could of saved that page if had even tried a little to fix it. ARVD carried that with him 'till this very day. He viewed the creation of The Vault as a chance to make up past mistakes. He vowed to kill the members of The Vault down to the last, in order to reconcile that one mistake and increase his standing within The Wiki.


ARVD has wasted no time aqquireing and making tools to fight the members of The Vault. Because of his remarkable shooting ability and soft foot fall, he chosen to serve as a Designated Marksman in the Militant section of The Wiki. Althoght he had been given the role of "Designated Marksman," more often then not, he was chosen to preform covert operations and assassinations. He made sure his equipment was as well suited to his mission as he was.

He moddified his old vault suit to where it near to no footfall and put a layer of kevlar on the inside the suit to make it able to absorb (very) small ammounts of small arms fire.

He applyed several weapon mods to his standard issue R91 AR inculding a tighter bolt to increase accuracy, long barrel to increase muzzle velosity (accuracy+Damage), a silencer, and a 4x scope. He regards his rifle as one of his most prized possesions. Armed with his rifle he can wreak havac on an entire Platoon, assuming the terrain is right.

He uses a family heirloom survival/combat knive that allows him the attack slightly faster then normaly combat knives. It's his ablity to land faster stikes allows him to be a exepional melee fighter