A random Vault Dweller

aka Random

  • I live in The Tops
  • I was born on January 22
  • I am male
  • A random Vault Dweller

    Even thought he is a die-hard Wiki Supporter, he is a virtual unknown among the wiki's ranks with almost no edits to his name. Safe in the knowledge that if you open your wiki for everyone, then it won't be long untill the Trolls and D-bags ruin the ever-so-valuble information stored in the wiki. He views the "seppratists" in The Vault as nieve fools for not considering the benefits to closing the Wiki to new members. He believe that even letting the Trolls and D-bags anonamously comment on news and profiles is over stating their bounries, however he is tolerant of this because he also believes that everyone should get a fair first try, the Newbie may be able to build on this one belief and convert him to The Vault, however if the Newbie i…

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