The following was written by a friend of mine for fallout 3.

The Diary of David Wellington,

January 20th 2277- Today I moved out for D.C., I do not know much about it. I only know it is a city where a few of my Vault twenty sixes people moved to before the famine of ’76 or the Radroach infestation. This city is located in the Columbian commonwealth. I know one of the men there Tom, I got to find him. I am spending the night on a ridge in the blue ridge mountains just west of the vault and Charleston, Wv.

January 24th 2277- D.C. is NOT what I thought. I saw a band of people in Armor in the downtown; they SHOT me, tied me to a chair and striped me down. After a day a guy named Crazy Wolfgang found me and fought of the men. He took me to a place called Rivet City where I met a girl from Vault 101 named Marcie. Apparently she knew Tom and said if I ran chems to a guy named Leo Stahl in Megaton.

January 25th 2277- I ran the chems but it did not go so well. Leo is a druggy so he tried to jump me. I survived the attack but the town went after me. I had no gun so I got the money and ran. Marcie told me to go to Richmond to find Tom, I guess I will. who knows what'll happen.

So, what do think?