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    The following was written by a friend of mine for fallout 3.

    The Diary of David Wellington,

    January 20th 2277- Today I moved out for D.C., I do not know much about it. I only know it is a city where a few of my Vault twenty sixes people moved to before the famine of ’76 or the Radroach infestation. This city is located in the Columbian commonwealth. I know one of the men there Tom, I got to find him. I am spending the night on a ridge in the blue ridge mountains just west of the vault and Charleston, Wv.

    January 24th 2277- D.C. is NOT what I thought. I saw a band of people in Armor in the downtown; they SHOT me, tied me to a chair and striped me down. After a day a guy named Crazy Wolfgang found me and fought of the men. He took me to a place…

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    Outside of the map

    March 18, 2013 by A bully user

    I have thought in all reality are these places mentioned all that is left? I mean is there another Rivet City in Norfolk or Miami? Today their is seven billion people in the world so how come only 100,000 seemed to have survived the Great War. I myself have only played Fallout 3 so a more in dept Anallise is hard to give. But what about these places,

    1,Svalbard Global Seed Vault a.k.a. Doomsday vault, In the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen about 3,000 people live there today. Spitsbergen seems an unlikely target for nuclear missiles. But this island has the Svalbard Global Seed Vault or the Doomsday vault. It contains seeds which could start a farm on the island making it a possible area of survival. So I believe people are alive in Spitsb…

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