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Some think that government can solve society's problems. I tend to think private charities and private organizations are better solutions.— Eric Prinz

L’eau Noir Enterprises is a private security company located on the Lower Deck of Rivet City and is managed by Eric Prinz, a former Rivet City security guard. Together with his squad of security rejects and former lawmen, L’Eau Noir provides private security for the wasteland’s wealthiest denizens.


L’eau Noir Enterprises only appears after Broken Steel is installed. Officer Prinz has become disillusioned with Rivet City security’s work on Project Purity. As a sign of protest, he resigned and went on to form L’eau Noir. The player may hire a temporary companion from L’eau Noir at a cost of 250 caps per week, repeatable indefinitely. If your companion is killed in battle, a one-time fee of 500 caps must be paid to L’eau Noir before you are allowed to hire another companion. If the fee is not paid, Prinz will send friendly (albeit persistent) collections squads to collect the fee from you.


The layout L’eau Noir consists of a small office in the front (where Eric Prinz is normally found) and a small back area (separated by a makeshift wall) consisting of several bunk beds and footlockers. Taking any of the items in this room counts as stealing and will result in negative karma.

Related quests

  • The Academy: A L’eau Noir training mission has gone wrong and a new initiate has been captured by super mutants near Anacostia Crossing. Investigate and see if you can rescue him.


  • Before ‘’Broken Steel’’ is installed, this room is empty and appears to contain a lot of rust particles in the air.
  • The office hours are from 0900 to 1800, after which Eric Prinz may be found sleeping or drinking at the Weatherly Hotel.
  • Any hired companions will immediately leave your service (after returning all of your items) if you become hostile with Rivet City security.
  • Despite their status as a private security company, Eric Prinz may refuse to allow you to hire a companion if you have certain quests active, such as Strictly Business.
  • L’eau Noir mercenaries can be seen escorting well-dressed wastelanders from town to town in a random encounter.


L’eau Noir Enterprises appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.