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19 Head of State

After adding a William Howard Taft page to this wiki, I remembered just how many U.S. presidents we’ve forgotten or know nothing about. After all, Taft is only reverent to Fallout because there’s an in-game sewer named after him, but Jefferson and Adams got robots; pretty uneven, huh?

Now most presidents are forgotten for a reason, but some were actually pretty significant. So who knows? Maybe with enough knowledge, we can get protectors for the following five most awesome forgotten presidents:

#5 Chester Alan Arthur
Twentieth President, 1881-1885:
Arthur was never elected; he was vice president under Garfield, who was shot shortly after taking office. A lot of folks thus thought he would be a pushover (perhaps like "His Accidency" John Tyler), and while his achievements are unknown, they’re pretty important. Most notable was he Pendleton Act, which set up requirements for holding certain jobs in the government; before this (embracing the “spoils system”), you would get rewarded a job for voting a certain way as long as the person you voted for won an election. No qualifications at all!
#4 William McKinley
Twenty-Fifth President, 1897-1901:
One of the most revered presidents during his time, McKinley was elected to two terms, but only completed one fully as he was assassinated at the beginning of his second. Still, McKinley packed in a huge amount of work as president. While he raised the tariff to an all-time high and killed the Populists’ dream of a silver standard, his wartime and expansionist efforts are what stand out. He got Hawaii and the Philippines while successfully defeating Spain in under four months.
#3 William Howard Taft
Twenty-Seventh President, 1909-1913:
Nobody (except Andrew Johnson) could fit the “wrong man at the wrong time” idea better than President Taft. Endorsed by the liberal and progressive Theodore Roosevelt, Taft has a lot to live up to following in Roosevelt’s footsteps. He actually managed to “bust” more trusts than Theodore Roosevelt, but he was feeble in the long run and proved to more tolerate monopolies and big business. And besides having to follow Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson was elected president right after him, and being stuck between two of America’s greatest didn't help with the whole “forgetful” thing. He didn’t fail, though, and managed to run a solid administration. But political life was ultimately not for Taft.
#2 John Quincy Adams
Sixth President, 1825-1829:
You may know him as the son of John Adams… and that’s probably it. But John Quincy Adams fought aggressively for abolition and swam naked across the Potomac. What else would you look for in a president?

#1 James Knox Polk
Eleventh President, 1845-1849:
James K. Polk is one of the best, yet forgotten presidents, for one main reason: he’s the only U.S. president ever to set an agenda and accomplished every one of his goals— in one term; Polk left the White House having gained more land, won the Mexican-American War, and avoided war with Britain over the “54’40 or fight” issue.