After Tuesday, I will no longer be contributing here; but before you celebrate, there are a few issues I’d like to bring up first:

Third-Person Project

Perhaps the most important “issue,” I’m about to begin this project aimed to cut all of our articles up into weekly sections so that we can tackle the first-person perspective. I will try my best to finish the first list, which is possible thanks to Skire, but I won’t be around to make more. The layout it simple enough that anyone with time can complete a weekly list if we have a bot first construct a list of pages. If nobody can do this, then the project dies out, and we’re no closer to fixing the first-person problem.

Character Infoboxes

With help from Gunny and Jspoel, the three of us have created twelve new parameters from the character infobox. I’ll list them here if anyone’s interested in the details, but so far I’ve been the only person directing any type of action with these parameters; still, I’ve seen people eager to help out. Anyone with a GECK is welcome to add these new parameters because we need to make effective use of them.

FO3 & FNV Randomized Character Images Project

This hasn’t seen any support, but here’s the idea: we get images for any model of raider, Brotherhood soldier, Megaton settler, etc. Anyone willing to help will greatly help this wiki from a visual aspect. You can see examples in the following: Enclave scientist (Fallout 3), Wastelander (Fallout 3), and Slaver (Fallout 3).

Please try to assist with at least one of these issues if you have the time. 69.l25 (talk) 06:51, March 10, 2014 (UTC)