In one day my adminship request will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the bureaucratic team. In the following few points, I have outlined four criticisms that I have improved on this past month and four accomplishments I have made this past month. I have explained them all very plainly and briefly. I don’t intent to go into detail; merely, I want to provide an outline of how I approached the one-month opportunity given to me:


1. ‘’’I lack commitment to this wiki and/or my account:’’’

  • This month I have exclusively edited from my account; I have edited every day; and I have made just over 970 edits in this time.

2. ‘’’The request came too soon to the minimum requirement; some votes would have changed by January or February.’’’

  • Now that an additional months has been allotted to rectify problems and continue editing, I have demonstrated that the activity I had in December is the activity I had in January and will have in February.

2. (cont.) ‘’’The request came too soon to the renunciation of rights.’’’

  • As I have explained before, this was done because I would be inactive for an unknown period of time and would not need access to my rights; so, I asked for them to be removed. Even if this explanation is not satisfying, I have kept and used my special-rights for the entirety of this past month without any issues in giving them up or not using them.

3. My interactions with new users are too strict.

  • I’m still working on this, but, yes, I’ve improved. I’ve sent messages to users whose TP edits I reverted thanking them for their presence here and informing them of our policies.

4. I am not connected to or know in the community enough to warrant adminship.

  • The necessity of an admin’s toolset is not determined by community involvement. In fact, most administrators who voted, whether yes or no, agreed that this is not a major concern. Some of the current sysops have very little “community involvement” as well but are not hounded by the community, so why would I be?


1. I have created several new parameters for the character infobox and filled in all of these parameters for the following groups: Fallout 3 major characters, The Pitt characters, Point Lookout characters, and Mothership Zeta characters. Should I intend to add more, access to technical parts of the wiki granted by adminship is most necessary.

2. I’ve been present in most of the recent forums; I view this participation as a step-up in community voice.

3. On two occasions, I have sorted through all bugs listed unverified in my attempt to verify them, and, if I could not list them as verified, I removed them, clearing all the bugs found in the “unverified category.”

4. My last accomplishment is with regards to grammar: I’ve cleaned up test cells particularly, and my other goal is Americanizing our quotation integration in articles. Of course this post won’t be grammatically polished, but I’ve fixed countless articles this month, and with the article of the day project, this will only become more necessary.

Final Words

The recent talk page incidents need mention; I removed “bug reports” (wherein users ask questions on talk pages about possible bugs). I was originally displeased with the mood of these posts; the feel was reminiscent of personal anecdotes and general questions, which should be avoided on talk pages. One of these removals was reverted, so I learned quickly to be more lenient when it comes to bugs. The second occurrence did not pertain to a bug and after my removal was undone, it was ultimately decided that the post didn’t belong.

I leave you with my goals as administrator, which have not changed:

1 .Continue to patrol edits but with new administrative powers that enable take action against vandalism; my frequent activity would better help to cut down on vandalism, especially in early hours when our current administrative team is largely absent.

2. Serve as a mediator when needed; I feel I’ve shown myself to not hold grudges and be open to dialogue/discussion at all times

3. Remain an active presence on this wiki in a time of lesser activity and absences from many administrators and serve to encourage adding new content

4. Use the administrators' toolset, which provides them with access to technical tools that I, as an editor who leans toward the technical side of the wiki, can use to better the content I'm putting out

**Note: Comments have been disabled to prevent arguing and debating. Criticisms are well-noted, and the purpose of this blog is to inform bureaucrats on my side of the issue - specifically what I've done this past month to improve - not to spark a controversy. I in no way dismiss criticisms and, instead, acknowledge that they will arise via other mediums (chat, talk pages) instead of via blog comments.