• 69.l25

    Departure & Projects

    March 10, 2014 by 69.l25

    After Tuesday, I will no longer be contributing here; but before you celebrate, there are a few issues I’d like to bring up first:

    Perhaps the most important “issue,” I’m about to begin this project aimed to cut all of our articles up into weekly sections so that we can tackle the first-person perspective. I will try my best to finish the first list, which is possible thanks to Skire, but I won’t be around to make more. The layout it simple enough that anyone with time can complete a weekly list if we have a bot first construct a list of pages. If nobody can do this, then the project dies out, and we’re no closer to fixing the first-person problem.

    With help from Gunny and Jspoel, the three of us have created twelve new parameters from the c…

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  • 69.l25

    Presidents Day Polls

    February 17, 2014 by 69.l25

    It’s Presidents Day in America—a time to celebrate all the men who have served as Chief of State (or just to celebrate George Washington’s Birthday). I just made a presidents’ blog… for some reason… but now it’s an American holiday, which warrants some special polls, right?

    Poll 1: Who is your favorite U.S. president?
    Poll 2: Who should be president of the Capital Wasteland?
    Poll 3: Who should be president of the Mojave Wasteland?

    Have fun and thanks for reading! 69.l25 (talk)

    I hope everyone had a great Presidents Day and brushed up on their knowledge of names like "Franklin Pierce," "Millard Fillmore," and "Benjamin Harrison." But because most people aren't interested in their politics, let's just get right to the results. The polls are still o…

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  • 69.l25

    Hi everyone!

    After adding a William Howard Taft page to this wiki, I remembered just how many U.S. presidents we’ve forgotten or know nothing about. After all, Taft is only reverent to Fallout because there’s an in-game sewer named after him, but Jefferson and Adams got robots; pretty uneven, huh?

    Now most presidents are forgotten for a reason, but some were actually pretty significant. So who knows? Maybe with enough knowledge, we can get protectors for the following five most awesome forgotten presidents:

    Twentieth President, 1881-1885
    James K. Polk is one of the best, yet forgotten presidents, for one main reason: he’s the only U.S. president ever to set an agenda and accomplished every one of his goals— in one term; Polk left the White Hous…

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  • 69.l25

    69.l25: An Apology

    February 9, 2014 by 69.l25

    To the community:

    In a haste to secure administrative rights, I have overlooked most of all the aspects that make a good contributor. Instead of focusing on editing, adding content, being an agreeable presence, and bettering Nukapedia’s atmosphere, I have exercised a steady flow of insistent debating, arrogance, and disregard for others’ well-being here.

    I apologize for misusing the chat log and posting pieces of past logs to my user page; this will not happen again. My comments on recent forums have also come across as hostile and egotistical, and I’m sorry that I did not excursive enough care in crafting them. I did not intent to hurt anyone, and moving forward, I hope that no one will take such comments personally, but know that I will m…

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  • 69.l25

    In one day my adminship request will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the bureaucratic team. In the following few points, I have outlined four criticisms that I have improved on this past month and four accomplishments I have made this past month. I have explained them all very plainly and briefly. I don’t intent to go into detail; merely, I want to provide an outline of how I approached the one-month opportunity given to me:

    1. ‘’’I lack commitment to this wiki and/or my account:’’’

    • This month I have exclusively edited from my account; I have edited every day; and I have made just over 970 edits in this time.

    2. ‘’’The request came too soon to the minimum requirement; some votes would have changed by January or February.’’’

    • Now that …

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