Endless road potd

Fallout has always been a game very dear to our hearts. We have played ever since Fallout 1 and continue with New Vegas and all it’s DLC. What really struck a chord for us was the ambiguity of Fallout’s strong setting; it really lent itself to any filmmaker to create a story of any theme into this post apocalyptic setting. But don't get me wrong this isn't a video game movie, this is a film inspired by the setting of one of the most influential video games of our generation.

The Endless Road is a coming of age tale set in this dangerous environment we have all experienced within the Fallout universe. It follows Rodney, a 20 something year old boy, and his brother Sam, both forced together to brave the desolate wasteland to find their father whose gone missing. Rodney has never stepped foot outside the secure walls of his little village and therefore knows not of the danger that awaits him.

We are choosing a much darker approach to what you have normally seen with these fan films and are seeking to make our vision into a reality. Me and a collection of other filmmakers have poured our hearts and souls into the pre-production of this project and have created a Kickstarter to show our passion for gaming and the arts. If this at all interests you, give it a watch and tell us what you think. We promise not to disappoint.