It's been a while since I took those first tentative steps out of Doc Mitchell's house in Goodsprings. As I stepped from the gloom of the clinic out into the blazing Nevada sun, a dull throbbing headache crept from behind my eyes and wrapped itself tightly around my forehead. It has been my constant companion since being shot in the head, relieved only temporarily by the occassional Med-X.

The near-fatal injury I suffered has left me with little memory of my life prior. The name I gave to the Doc was the first that sprang to mind, and it may not even be my own, but the name of someone I once knew, or had just heard about. I go by the name Albert Cole for now, until someone can tell me with some certainty who I am.

Since the good Doc patched me up, I've been discovering more about my recent past by interacting with other people. It seems that I was a courier with the Mojave Express. I had been hired to transport a Platinum chip from Primm, but I was intercepted by a man named Benny, who stole the package and left me in a shallow grave at Goodsprings Cemetery with a bad dose of lead poisoning.

For now I have no way of connecting with my own past, so I have contented myself with the thought of revenge against this goon Benny. I've been chasing him all across the Mojave, asking for word of him in Goodsprings, Primm, Nipton, Novac, and eventually Boulder City. The trail has led me to one of Benny's hired muscle, a Khan by the name of Jessup, who told me that Benny has returned to The Strip, which is where I'm heading next.

Other than the scars, constant headaches, and amnesia, my last encounter with Benny has left me with some short-term memory loss as well. Now that I'm closing in on him, I'm starting to make some notes here in this diary so that I can keep track of what I need to do, where I need to go, and who I need to talk to, in order to get to Benny and make him pay for what he did to me.

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