Having no memory whatsoever of who I was before awaking in Goodsprings is quite disconcerting. Although Doc Mitchell went "rooting around there in your noggin to pull all the bits of lead out", as he would say, "that don't mean them bullets didn't leave you nuttier than a Bighorner dropping." I seem to be none the worse for the experience though. But then, I have nothing to compare my current situation to anyway, as I can't remember what I was like before being shot in the head.

On comparison to those I've met on my travels so far, I'd say I'm fairly average physically, but mentally I'm way above the average. Now, I don't know if that's as a result of Benny's crude brain surgery, (as the Doc would say, "Maybe them bullets done your brain some good"), or Doc's attempts to repair the damage, or whether it's how I was before all this. One thing I do know for sure though, I can't imagine myself having been a career courier. I'm certain that, for whatever reason I was carrying that Platinum chip, it had nothing to do with earning caps from the Mojave Express.

I seem to have a natural affinity for computers and technology. I can easily deactivate any robots that threaten me. I can hack a wide variety of computer terminals and mainframes, and have an understanding of AI technologies. Perhaps in my former life I was an employee of RobCo Industries? I also prefer energy weapons to guns, but that in itself might be due to a more recent subconscious aversion to lead shot, who knows?

Of the groups of people I've met in the Wasteland so far since leaving Goodsprings, I'd say I most closely resemble the prospectors, like Old Lady Gibson, seeking out pieces of pre-war technology to repurpose and resell. But even that seems below my aptitude. In my former life I may have been a member of a more technologically-savvy group, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse, or even the Enclave, whom I've vaguely heard about but haven't met yet.

My guess would be that it'd have been the Followers. Ideologically, they are the best match for my present disposition. Of course, that really depends on whether my present disposition is anything like I was before being shot in the head!

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