Today I was standing outside the North Gate to The Strip, just watching people come and go. As each approached the Securitrons and presented their credentials, I tried to imagine what purpose they would have for entering. Most, no doubt, would be intent on frittering away their caps at the casinos. Gambling, booze, and sex being what attracts most people to The Strip. Occasionally I'd see an NCR officer pass through, no doubt on their way to their embassy, but most of the enlisted men had the same glint in their eyes as those around them not in uniform.

I wonder what those people would think if they knew why I am intending to enter The Strip soon myself? Much of my time lately is spent preparing for my confrontation with Benny. I've got myself set up in the corner room in the Atomic Wrangler casino for now, as a temporary staging point before I enter The Strip. Most of my belongings are still locked away in my motel room at the Dino Dee-lite, back in Novac. I've only brought along some provisions and the equipment I'm likely to need when I enter The Strip in search of Benny.

While I've been here in Freeside, I've spent a bit of time with the Followers in the Old Mormon Fort. They seem particularly interested in my Eyebot, but I enjoy discussing a variety of technical subjects with them. It takes my mind off the path ahead of me, for a while anyway. Dealing with thugs like Benny is not something I'm particularly fond of. He's probably all brawn and no brain, like a Super mutant. I'll have to use my intellect to defeat him this time. He must've caught me unawares last time we met. This time I have the upper hand. He thinks I'm dead, and he doesn't know I'm out for revenge.

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