Accessed by jumping the fence at Searchlight Airport going clockwise from the Colorado. Take a scope with you..

1.Take a 4 second high dive into the Colorado and survive

2.Swim for 6 games hours south along the Colorado River ending

3. Walk inside the three bomb craters at the old Nuclear Test site.

4. Look down on top of the two statues at Mojave Outpost.

5 Look back into the Outpost though the chain link fence that defeated your best efforts of climbing it using boxes.

6 Save and jump back into the game through Canyon Wreckage.

7 Stand on top of the highest peaks in the game and look down on top of Jacobstown and then turn and look further out of the game area at the huge range of mountains far away in the distance. Best seen 30 minutes before sunset.

8 With Wild Wasteland added walk round the smashed up front of the Alien space craft hovering on top the ridge and check when you remember seeing it last.

9 Run the whole length of creaking pylon line outside of Nellis Array ending at the huge, deep, burnt black, bomb crater, rear of Raul`s Shack. Save because it`s too steep to climb back out.

10 Stand on top the highest peak overlooking Bitter Springs and see the Colorado laid out before you. Best seen at sunset.

11 Swim north up the Colorado, east of the Devil`s Throat and come to the edge of the water world and swim above the land surface.

12 Swim south for 3 game hours and wander through the empty legion camp that can be seen from the top of the legion Fort.

13 Look down onto the 3 dozen Deathclaws at Deathclaw Promontory and see the two prospectors lying dead against the rocks with the fancy amour and weapons that failed to save them.