xbox. Mojave Wasteland.While attempting to find a northern pass across the mountains to the Saucer, avoiding , Caz,. Deathclaws, Raiders, and Scorps I stumbled across a single run down shack high up in the mountains surrounded by Caz along a ziz zag nothern line between Good Springs and the Alien Saucer site. In all the times I have played MW I have never gone into those mountains before and never spotted the shack. Before I was Cazadored hazed and killed.The only thing I remember was the twin wooden doors at the rear, lock pick 75, and being only on level 1 that was way above my skill.It never showed up on the radar on any previous game, even during the many runs through the Caz infested, steep,downslope, back door route to the the Great Ghans main camp. I can't now find the shack.