Xbox. Leave all caps behind in the Tumble Weed Ranch House or with a follower before entering the Tumble Weed pen.The pen has 5 skulls nailed to the tops of posts from humans who refused to buy the 10 Wind-Brahmin in the pen. Enter the pen and Nightkin will initiate conversation. You want to buy Wind-Brahmin? `Wind-Brahmin` ? You mean tumbleweeds? Tumble -whats? Oh,you`re crazy, aren`t you? Crazy with low prices on Wind Brahmin.You buy one! .How much?All !. All my caps.? They are very good Wind- Brahmin -all caps! Okay! Ha!ha!Stupid Human!. ............. The stupid Human then buys all the Wind Brahmin for no caps and steals the stupid Wranglers Stealth Boy as he walks past leaving the Nightkin with an empty inventory, no Stealth Boy and no caps. Wait until the Nightkin turns hostile from the theft and kill him before he can recover the stolen Stealth Boy .From a varying inventoryremove Ant Meat(2) Rebar Club(1)& another Stealth Boy(1). Stupid Nightkin.