Good Morning.I have just been accused by AgentC of trolling my replies to him on my blog..and I am not very pleased about his accusation. He was rude to me earlier and not polite from the very outset. imo. I have my own equipment since 1995, run my own personal observations ,and don`t undertake, cheap skate ,leach off other web sites, endless links that moselty lead nowehere. Because of having a pesonal view which opposes his I am now accused of trolling. I come from an old school of do it all yourself because there is no one to do it for you and few are reliable. I don`t give a fig for peer reviews .Just after the war a Von Braun style Polish engineer Zigmund Dukek with me as apprentice had to undertake the science of measurements from scratch, by peer reviews, no help, and we had to make it up on our feet as we went along. And that is how I still work and built up a still working business on this principal.. If you follow the herd and they get it wrong,as oft they do, you just end up falling over the cliff along with them. I am not trolling. I tried to offer him the `agree to walk away` by agreeing to disagree but found later he wont take it. Well then neither will I. I can see where he is trying to go with his version of tactics and I am not very pleased.