Lv 17. xbox. Scene 1.Take 1 : The savage shoot out at Nipton Road Pit Stop: Required. Four expensively, well equipped, Legion assassins. An endless supply of NCR Troopers. An NCR Emergency radio. A Rifle scope to watch the shoot out. Leave companions at some safe spawn point elsewhere.They will only get into the fight and spoil your grandstand seat. Location: Nipton Road Pit Stop Assassin spawn point. The legion assassins will always drop out of the sky and spawn round the large rock 25 paces to the N.E. from your spawn location. Don`t move except to turn, face N.E. , and watch the rock. The moment the first legion spawns you only have 1 second get into the call up the NCR Emergency radio dialogue, " Call for NCR Trooper Support" who will immediately spawn a trooper slightly to the left of the rock by the four Legion Assassins. A continuous fight will develop, with single troopers initially spawning every half second as some get shot to pieces as they fall the last few feet to the ground against the well armed Legion . (Sounds more like WW1) Eventually and inevitably, worn down from battle, the highly superior Legion forces will succumb, but not before perhaps a hundred or so troopers have been killed. Staying out of the fight,you just stand at the spawn point and watch through your rifle scope. You may have to move if the battle either comes your way or heads further out into the desert. It`s worth setting up a view. --1000HrsFallout3 (talk) 01:58, October 22, 2012 (UTC)