If equipped with the Chinese Stealth Armour and a Firelance enter the Crawler but do not trip the alarm. Enter the armoury undetected and check the Gun Case locker.In it will be the Alien Blaster and 11 Alien Power Cells. Put the Firelance in the case as well. Keep in stealth mode and stay in the Armoury hidden behind the table. Disturb the Enclave Sigma Squad with shots or grenades not aimed directly at them and eventually you will see Sigma Squad enter the Armoury and remove the Alien Blasters and Alien Ammo.

  • The removal of the Alien Blaster from the gun case by Sigma Squad explains the cases when the Armoury is checked and the Alien Blaster is found to be missing.

To retrieve the Alien Blaster it will be necessary to track down and kill all five or six members since they do not always equip themselves with the Blaster.