2008 Consule (1st) lasted 3 weeks before ring of death. 2012 Black elite Consule S (5th) FO3 software failed July 2013.

  • Game date. 3rd March 2284. Torrential rain outside the cave with heavy thunderstorms.
  • " Loading extra contents .Please wait"
  • Consulted Internet.
  • Clear system cache.
  • Cleared cache
  • No joy
  • Deleat Fallout 3 and all its contents and re-install
  • Deleated and re-installed GOTY
  • No joy
  • Format disk.
  • All Re-installed.
  • Now running perfect except I went to Point Look out to 100% Harley repair. Returned to Megaton only to find Tobar missing from D.G. Yet more pain.
  • You know the only thing I will ever miss is my female Bombshell Pit raider babe sitting at my Megaton table saying . " You came all this way, just to die....piss-on".