It was Malcolm Holmes who sowed the idea that bought you into this quest for Star Caps. Endless days spent searching bars, shelves and shacks, looking for discarded Star caps. That alone should have told us something about Star Caps and the prize. And after painfully listening to an old robot, Festus, spin the companies yarn - finally. The prize was- The companies yarn.

Complain. Told by `Ol Festus to go through the double doors, turn left and at the end of the corridor an attendant will be wafting for you to give you your prize considered by the company to be a prize worthy of your efforts.

Go though the double doors turn left.The ceiling has fallen in blocking the route.

Work you way up a fallen ceiling round corridors until you can drop down a hole though a ceiling to the other side of the corridor where you will not find an attenedent.Now long dead ,unless he is the robot partly trapped under the rubble.

Go through a previously locked double doors leading into a storage room as though it contained valuables, and rummage through a number of old wooden boxes for discarded bottle caps that wouldn't even get you past the gate unto New Vegas and Oh! Bye the way there are 318 valueless badges scattered across the floor, you can clean up while you there, that someone else didn't want either. 312 according to some, but don`t forget the one worn on the body of Allen Marks ,and then spend half of a day dismantling the entire room to find the others to total 319 so perhaps another lesson here as well.

After all the complaints the companies new adjusted prize turned out to be - A worthless ,Sunset Sarsaparilla Deputy badge, originally handed out by an attendant and as worn by the notorious Star Caps murderer, Allen Marks