Lv 17. xbox. Scene: Prequel . Take 1 : Nipton Road Pit Stop is a superb place to ambush Legion assassins using the NCR emergency radio. Prior to the fight with the Legion assassins it is expedient to arrange a suitable place to stash your heavy equipment after looting the Legion bodies on the battle field. Required : An NCR Emergency radio. Method: From your Nipton Road Pit Stop spawn point, the Supply Cache will always spawn S.E and too far past the large rock to make staggering with" over burden" practical having looted, from Legion Praetorian 1,750 caps of goods, Legion Veteran 1,800 caps of goods, Legion Vexillarius 650 caps of goods,Legion Veteran Decanus 350 caps of goods.Total 4,550, Weight 130 lbs. To make storage easier: From your spawn point turn and run 16 paces N.W to the top of the brick rubble heap.Turn and face S.E and call " NCR Supply Support".This will drop a supply cache crate shoulder high RHS of the rock and the recovered Armour can be stashed inside. The crate is safe and will last the entire game. Repeat as necessary and stash all armour inside. Sell the guns and sundries to Stacey which will pay for your 100% repairs by Major Knight and later when your repair skill is 100% you can get a stash of caps from selling 100% self repaired Armour. ps. The Veteran with the Super Sledge,can dispatch up to 10 Troopers in 10 seconds in a bloody mess while they are still falling from their Spawn point.