xbox.I fast traveled back to CW and woke up in Takoma Industrial with a .32 Pistol in my hand and dressed in Naughty Nightware. It`s a nightmare. I don`t know who I am or how I got there and it`s a Wednesday. I went back to Megaton, threw a Backhawk .44 in the overnight case and made for the House of Wares. Panada still has 8 bars of health, while the stupid Protecteron at 100% health is patrolling the street corner outside Joe`s coffee shop. Then paid a visit to see Haley who is still repairing at 100% .So I guess my 4 weeks vacation didn't do any lasting harm. Crossed over to point Lookout Lighthouse, for a breath of fresh air and got ambushed by a Smuggler with a Combat Shotgun rhs of door ,who instantly gets killed by a sonic Swamplurk who then runs off . So all in all,fairly quite really. ps I did notice that the CW disk is a lot quieter than the MW disk which is marking up.Any thoughts? I dumped the lot onto the hard drive and it cured the noise.So I guess I should have done this in the first place.Now I have a police heli.hovering overhead and the noise is driving me nuts will log off and try again later. 26/11/2012 18.10GMT