Head of State.

Met up with Hamlin at the Mall Northwest . Then cleared out the Slavers. Message " Talk to Hannibal Hamlin " Monday- Went back to complete the Head of State only to find Hamlin and his caravan entering the Museum metro 8.15pm Monday. He slept all night in a vacant Raiders bed while his followers stood. Hamlin left at Anacostia Crossing, past Rivet City, past Jefferson where his caravan joined up behind "Rivet City is providing water to the Wasteland .Spread the word " , Caravan, past The Citadel, Arlington Library ,Flooded Metro,and split from the Water Caravan at Andale heading North, past Nuka-Cola Plant,Vault 101,Springvale, Farragut West Metro Station,Bethesda Ruins,then east two grid sqaures,then North to Temple of the Union arriving on the top floor Wednesday 6.30pm. Left Temple of Union 6.57pm , passing Vault 101 at 1.30 am,Rivet City at 12.30am Thurday, no overnight stay in the metro, arriving at the north West mall at 2.30pm Thursday where I was finally able to complete the Head of State for more XP .