xbox 360.

  • I have not been to the Pitt or near Wernher`s cell yet this time round..
  • Saw a green indicator light come up at the Alien Ammo site in the RAD1 gully by the overturned lorry and found it was a Pitt Raider dressed in heavy Bombshell Armour.
  • After a lot of "Steel Yard" bad mouthing she started to follow me so I walked her back to Megaton .Apart from bad mouthing every resident she caused no trouble until I reversed pick pocketed an Alien Blaster and ammo on her when after a long pause she suddenly stood up and drew the weapon. Still friendly. After an even longer pause she suddenly turned hostile . I ran and hid, so she shot up the town.
  • Went back to the prior save and emptied her inventory of ammo. Now she sits at my table outside my house just bad mouthing me. She no longer follows and will walk through doors into houses where she bad mouth the occupants while I am never more than just a "scab".
  • She walked out of Megaton once and headed north and I lost her so went back to that save and now she stays for the moment.
  • I now have a Colorful Pitt Raider playgirl in town.
  • If you play long enough with computer programs everything that can alter,will. Not always for the worst though.?

Just been out of town and on returning to Megaton my little playgirl has changed her tone

. "you came a long way just to die ?" "you don`t know anything about this fool you`re travelling with, do you?". Now Jerico`s arrived and is standing alonside her and joined in."Either start talking or get the fuck out of my face".and today: Fucking Peons so am off to the Pitt to see what happens to my Pitt Babe back at Megaton.

The glitch has lasted game weeks now and is as stable and any other Megaton resident. The Pitt Raider is prefectly stable and spends all the time between leaning against my Megaton House smoking or sitting at the table. When Jerico passes by on his round then between Jerico and her bad mouthing one another life in Megaton has become far more interesting for a just a "scab" like me. Anyone else passing by is "keep walking drone"

  • Useful comments or ideas welcome ?