All add ons loaded. 2013 variation. Leave the vault...Get the Firelance r/o vault 101.usually minus some ammo cells ...20 to rock stash R/O Megaton and collect 303 sniper rifle, run to Scrap Yard and collect Dogmeat ..Go north to Alien crash site and get Dogmeat to retrieve Alien Blaster and ammo cells...go back to Firelance site and get dogmeat to pick up any missing cells..leave dog meat at 101 and travel to Bailey`s Cross Roads Metro for Operation Anchorage...leave with Chinese Stealth suit. Run to Rivet City to sell and raise some caps. ( possibly 6 vendors) Swim to Riverboat Landing and board. Run north only to Haleys Hardware Store and manipulate Haley to 100% repair using exterior Cola machine and Haley visit glitch. Travel back to Megaton and begin game. Use any raiders exploit to get more alien ammo cells. An early Stealth suit,sniper rifle, 100% Haley repair, Alien Blaster and the Wasteland is now yours. PS Haley also repairs all Alien weapons to 100%