Crazy guard antics. xbox. Fallout 3. Lv 26. There is a first time for everything. I saw a friendly running at really high speed. Estimate Usain Bolt x 2 or more across my path when he turned and ran straight at me. Stopped and stared. Male in leather Armour. When I spoke to him he gave the usual ," I `m just here to protect the merchandise". Then was off running faster than a Deathclaw. Checked with old Uncle Roe, No trader was missing . Anybody else seen this runner cause they need him for the 2016 Olympics.

I think the Fallout 3 Caravans are a total waste of space. By the time you get enough cash together to invest in them, your fast travel ,causing enemy spawning, is just about ready to get them killed off esp. Lucky Harith .A real waste of investment cash and time .Haley is the only real bet.