"Old World Blues added" . Dear Muggy..I was wandering the Mojave wastes staring at all that junk when my thoughts turned to you and Toaster and suddenly it was junk no more.If you too want to treat Muggy & Toaster,collect all of the following. For Toaster:"Have you ever tried to indulge an all-consuming urge to kill when you don't have opposable thumbs? Or hands? Or anything other than a bread slot? You'd have a lot of pent-up anger too!" :Collect:Toasters,Cameras,Hot Plates and Irons.For Muggy :"The Biological research station told me he had a coffee mug down his processing chute. When I reached in to grab it, he......seeded me!".Collect: Ceramic dinner plates,/Coffee mug/Coffee pots /,Scrap metal/Green plates/Red plates/Tin plates/White plates and stash them all together in the Garbage Can alongside the Crashed Satellite which transports you to the Big Empty for your new friends. When you are ready to travel, load up with your 1000 lbs or so of garbage, stagger into the transporter,and once in the Big Empty stagger into the rooms with Muggy and Toaster, and dump the whole lot in a heap on the floor. Then you are able to keep the two happy throughout the game feeding them bits and pieces at a time. Collecting goodies in return. When you finally tranport back to the M.W stagger over to the Gargabe Can and dump the whole lot of converted junk into the can for later use.