Welcome Citizens of the Nukapedia Wiki House! From now on I will be doing a weekly technical update announcement about the systems the House is running. I am running all our computer systems from my cramped, but homely office in the bugs squishing room. So lets get down to whats new!


Starting tomorrow we will be bringing online 30 new Securitrons to help keep the house safe and protected from those nasty Super mutant's running amok outside our grounds, along with the raiders and that annoying Talon Company that's been taking pot shots at our pigeons.

It is important that everyone see User:Agent_c before 2:00 GMT tomorrow in order to get an RFID chip installed so that we don't have anyone get vaporized. Also, our new top of the line security cameras have been installed in every hallway, and the major non residential/offices, so we are watching to make sure you guys behave (that means you Jasper, we know chat rule #34 so we will be watching for that stuff from now on). Also, any pigeon found excreting anywhere other than on the statue on the grounds will become target practice for the Skeet shooters.

Archives Maintenance

Since Ghost Avatars bot has gone offline in the past couple weeks the Archives have been steadily falling apart. I've programmed about 50 Mister HAndy's to take the place of GAVs bot until he returns. Please be careful when looking through the Archives, I haven't worked out all the bugs, and they might accidentally end up cutting off one of your arms.

Personal Quarters

Along with the Archives Mr. Handy's I have programmed additional Mr. Handy's to be placed in everyone's personal quarters. The same bug warning applies to them as well.

House Mainframe Upgrade

As of this afternoon, I have finished installing the latest updates to the houses computer mainframes. I have updated all operating systems in the house to Windows 8 courtesy of an old CD I found while wandering around the ruined computer store right outside the grounds. With this I also upgraded the regulation systems on our power grid and the reactor. This means that you won't be able to siphon power from other peoples rooms, I'm looking at you PETA! Trying to drain our power won't help you escape from those Deathclaws!

Also as of this update all access to porn sites on all computers except those located in the Secret Service and the library's Porn room have been blocked.

If you have any questions about these updates, or any technical issues that need solving please either leave a message on the bug room door, or find me wandering around the house spying on different individuals.

User:-bleep196- - Master of Squishing bugs and house IT issues expert.