Hi Guys and Gals. Some of you may have seen me around the wiki from time to time, or in chat. Some of you may know me from my past impacts, most specifically the Bug Verification Project. Some of you may have noticed my recent pickup of activity dealing with this project, more than my normal verification and cleaning out of the overdue bugs section. This is all part of a process that I had originally in mind when I founded the project, but due to school and other things I really never got beyond the policy stage. I'm now going to tell you what exactly it is that I have in mind, and what, more specifically, it is that I am working towards.

The Original Goals

The original goals of the project can be found in the page linked above, but this was more than just a project. The Bug Verification Project has been perhaps one of the most significant efforts on what used to be The Vault and what is now Nukapedia. The original guidelines for the project became the wiki's current total Policy for all bugs, this speaks volumes about how well defined our intentions were in regards to the section of our articles that set us apart from just about every other wiki out there.

To put it in more simple terms, bugs are a massive and key element in the Fallout Series. They define the games as much as the well written story lines, the power armor technology, the FEV and Mutants, and the stuck-in-the 50's culture. The fact that the bug sections and pages themselves were in such disarray when I originally started the project with the now inactive Scarface astonished me. Since then we have made tremendous strides towards correcting the problems. We are still quite far from our goal of bringing the bugs section of articles, and even the pages themselves, up on par with the rest of our content.

The Ultimate Goals

The ultimate goal of the project is to, and I quote "to organize and regulate the fashion in which bugs are reported and verified." The first goal of Any project of course is to establish a grounded and concrete policy with which to work with. We have done this. What comes after is the actual work. This is where we are:

  • Rewrite and organize the individual bug pages (I.E. The Individual Game and Add-on Bug pages). This has been partially completed, some of the Add-on specific bug pages still need work.
  • Establish a way to track all articles with bugs in a way that we can also establish the progress of those articles in terms of bringing their bug sections up to par with the rest of the wiki. Recently completed thanks to User:Theodorico.
  • Tag all pages containing bugs with the {{Bug Verification Project}} template. This is being completed by Theo's bot.
  • Verify and add a platform tag to every bug possible. The platform template is only applicable to those games that are present on multiple platforms. Nowhere close to being finished.
  • Cleanup and rewrite the bugs to fit standard policy. Some bugs are not written well, or use language that is not acceptable under our current content policies.
  • Attempt to Identify and include the Triggers for bugs in the bug descriptions. Triggers are huge, if the triggers for bugs are found, then the bugs can be fixed. Triggers can be anything from performing a certain action, picking up a certain object etc.

So What?

Some of you may be asking why I chose to write an entire blog article on this matter rather than just posting something in the forums. Some of you may be asking So What? What does it matter to me? Well, the main reason I am posting this under news, instead of in the forums is to reach a wider audience. I cannot do this alone, no matter how impressive the amount of work I've put in the past 2 months or so is. I need some serious help, and lately I haven't been getting much at all. I'm not talking about just people who can edit. I am talking people who will be dedicated enough to take time out of their day to go back and attempt to replicate bugs.

A single bug can take many attempts to replicate. My standard policy is 10 attempts, and if I can't replicate it in 10 try's then I'm not going to replicate it. This number might be to small, or it might be to big, it's hard to judge. The more people trying to replicate the bugs though, the more likely it is that we will get a real confirmation, or negation of the existence of said bug. The most difficult bugs to replicate are those relating to quests and time and location specific events. Quests, especially those that take place at late points in the game, can be difficult to replicate just because of the brevity it takes to reach them.

Another reason I need assistance is I am a PC user. I do not own an Xbox 360 or a Ps3, therefore I can't verify bugs on them if I can't replicate them on my own games. The wiki is lacking heavily in the number of Ps3 users, and I would be more than grateful to receive help from anyone.

What I am basically asking for here is people who are willing to help with the things I have listed above. All you have to do is sign your name to the project contributors list, and or leave me a message notifying me that you are willing to help. This is all I am asking for, is a little help.

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