The Bug Verification Project is a project which aims to organize and regulate the fashion in which bugs are reported and verified. We've all seen our fair share of bug's in each game, but some see the bugs and others don't and if someone sees a bug i think we need to at least get it verified in a certain amount of time say 2-3 weeks before it should be deleted out of the article. With the way it's done now some unconfirmed and quite frankly redicolus bugs are currentlly sitting on pages without verification or if they have been verified do not list the triggers. Bugs should only be added if someone already knows the trigger; there's no real difference between the Xbox, the PS3, or the PC when it comes to bugs, with the exception of more nasty Havok engine glitches (see Lucky shades) on the PS3. That'll cut down on the raw amount of bugs, and verify them, and clean some of these quest articles.

We currently need people who have unmodded versions of the game, with the DLCs if possible, who are willing to go through articles and sort through bugs that are currently on the page and go and find the triggers of these bugs. If no trigger can be found then address the Project page for instructions on what to do about it. If you happen to find a bug that hasn't been added please address the project page for instructions on how to properly add it into the article. ---bleep196- 00:56, October 11, 2010 (UTC)