Welcome to the 4th edition of the Weekly House Technical Update. Today we have several things to cover.


New Bug Squishing Developments

Currently I am working on a new method which we will be using in the upcoming weeks to help us track and squish unruly bugs. Some of you might be worried when I say that it involves charts, lots and lots of charts, considering my history with charts I don't blame you for being worried. Have no fear though, I am taking every precaution to make sure these charts don't lead to a catastrophic reactor meltdown.

To get an idea of how the charts are gonna look I will direct you to this page.

Bar Rennovations

Some of you may have noticed that we have made some renovations to The Wasteland Bar, because it was closed to the public this week. The new installments include: 16 Flatscreen plasma TVs, a stage for Karaoke and live band performances, the edition of a second Protectron bartender, and extending the bar by about 16 feet adding 10 new bar stools.

Mole Rat Arena

Due to an incident this week during one of the Mole Rat fights we have installed steel doors on the creature release and have installed a state of the art prevention system to prevent anyone in the crowd from getting hurt.

Mini Golf

Recently we have had a strain of Mini-golf cheaters. They have been moving their ball with their hands after they have already hit it once. As a result we are installing anti-cheating measures in the form of tazers which will taze anyone who tries to move a ball after it has been hit.

Anti-Pony defenses

The House's turret systems and securitrons are now programmed to target any Ponies seen on the premises.

Deathclaw Cages

The Deathclaw Cages now have a release button which will release the Deathclaws into the PETA room. Enjoy.

Brkn China Room

We have installed a new autmatic cleaning system that will sweep away any broken china, thus preventing a buildup of sharp porcelain. This means break as much as you want! Just make sure to stay away from the depository.

Greenhouse Temperature

Due to someone turning the temperature in the Greenhouse all the way down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, we have taken out the thermostat that was originally on the wall in the greenhouse. All temperature functions for that room will be monitored remotely.

That's all for this week, make sure to catch the next issue of the House Weekly Technical Update.

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