Welcome to the 5th edition of the Weekly House Technical Update. We've got a couple things to cover this week.


Bug Initiative

As some of you may have noticed the recent activity page has been filled with edits by me in regards towards the Bug Verification Project. This is but the first of many steps I will be taking in re-initiating the project and better standardizing the bug sections of our articles.

You can find more information in a link that I will post here later on.

Bot's Bots Bots

Thanks to some recent programming updates we are switching over some of the House's systems from manual maintenance to a more automated process thanks to bots. These bots will be working regularly and we will be monitoring their activity closely, so don't even think about reprogramming them to pull a prank.

Anti-Vandalism Measures

Due to the recent increase in the number of vandals we have installed defense measures to defend against them. These measures work by detecting the vandalism, undoing it and then proceeding to track the vandals address, and place incriminating and or defamatory information on their systems. It then promptly calls the local authorities who will discover this evidence and promptly arrest said vandals.

3 Dog coming Back?

Thanks to a recent interview with Erik Todd Dellums our interest as to whether Fallout 4 will include 3 Dog of Fallout 3 fame has been peeked. While the interview doesn't actually answer any questions regarding this, it gives us a huge glance into the workings of Bethesda's voice acting and character development, as he said specifically that he basically got to choose and create the character of 3 Dog. Hopefully if he does come back, this time we can convince him to stay in the House and be our radio disc jockey, and maybe even D.J. for us a little bit. As much as I know some of you hate this thought, I would love to have him.

Spa and Sauna Upgrades

Thanks to some extra funds, we have updated some of the spa's features. We now have an automatic Hairdresser, a Mister Handy has been redesigned by Ant to serve as our resident masuse.

(NOTE: Until we work out all the bugs with the Mr. Handy receive massages at your own risk.)


Everyone in the house is to report to Legacy Labs on monday morning. Legacy Lab's has finally finished the medical bots (and worked out all the bugs) so now they will be inserting them into all the residents bloodstreams. These bots will work to eliminate immune problems, fix cuts and bruises, fight hostile bacteria and kill viruses. They will essentially render us immortal to everything but extreme wounds and or incineration.

That's all for this weeks, thanks for reading and tune in for next weeks edition of the Weekly House Technical Update.

(The Weekly House technical update is based off of the maps created by Agent c)

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